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10 Funny Cute Engagement Invitation Wording Ideas

By November 18, 2012No Comments

Engagement Invitation WordingYour engagement invitation wording sets the tone for your upcoming engagement party and wedding. Do you want it to be a black tie affair? Possibly a retro or vintage celebration? What about tropical or laid back? It’s all up to you! Be sure you fill you guests in on your choice by giving some of these funny and cute engagement invitation wording ideas a try!

1. If you want to host a pig roast for your engagement party, and also plan on having a subtle, semi-formal wedding to follow, consider selecting engagement party invitations in the shape of a pig and write, “Come Pig Out with Us!” It is great for the foodie couples who are known to be playful and casual!

2. If you adore very formal engagement parties and weddings, keep your invites formal and just a bit playful while still conforming to engagement party etiquette. Try engagement invite wording such as, “October was when we met, Let us never forget; Come celebrate our engagement and find out which date we have set”.

3. Host an engagement party that encourages silly but useful engagement gifts for couples who just got engaged. Try wording such as, “You are invited to an “Around the House” engagement party, so the future bride and groom can fill their house with useful items! Celebrate with us by bringing an item that belongs in one room of a house that the bride and groom to be will sure to get some use out of”. Items can range from a couple kitchen gadgets to bedroom necessities! The key is to be creative and playful.

4. Host a luau. Send out an invitation that has the word Luau spelled out down the side and create an acrostic poem out of the letters to make sense and invite guests to the event. An example could be: “Let’s Celebrate. U are asked to attend our engagement party at our home. All are invited on June 19 at 2:00. U better be there and be ready to have fun at our luau!”

5. You could also create an acrostic poem out of the word “love” since that is the reason you are getting married for your engagement invitation wording. You can include all pertinent party details in each line, in your own unique way like the luau suggestion above.

6. Include a funny, famous quote about marriage if you and your partner are known for your silly and sarcastic sense of humor. One great quote to include is by G.K. Chesteron: “Marriage is an adventure, like going to war!”

7. Try using the words that your partner said to you as he proposed on your invitation. It lets everyone in on your special moment that led to your engagement and upcoming party.

8. You can make your own invitations on a doily using a scroll stamp if you are having a vintage inspired wedding theme. Lace was very popular with vintage brides, so you can even include very traditional wording on the invitation with a modern spin. You could say, “Here comes the bride, all dressed in white. Get ready to celebrate our love, on January 23rd into the wee hours of the night!”

9. Each of you can describe what you are most excited for in a few words, and include them on the invitation to share with your guests. It could be serious or funny. An example could say, “She is most excited for the cake and the dress. He is most excited for the relief of not being asked when he is going to propose ever again!”

10. Include a sentimental picture on the invitation of you and your partner when you first began dating. Your engagement invitation wording can reflect on a positive statement about your love over the years. Try something like, “Ten years later, their hearts still flutter wildly when they lock their eyes.”

There are many unique, cute, and funny ways to invite guests to your engagement party. Remember, it’s all about the engagement invitation wording, as it sets the tone not only for your party, but your upcoming wedding as well!

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