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10 Hot New Bridesmaid Dress Ideas You Must Check Out


Bridesmaid Dress IdeasIf you began searching for your dream wedding gown and browsing the web for bridesmaid dress ideas as soon as you got engaged, you are not alone. Many brides to be want their big day to be amazing-from the food, to the music, to the wedding party attire. Read on to learn about the 10 hot new bridesmaid dress ideas you must check out if you have started to plan your dream day:

1. Retro bridesmaid dresses are back in a big way. Bright and bold colors, funky textures and cuts, and quirky embellishments like belts and bows are anything but traditional and are very hot at the moment.

2. A convertible bridesmaid dress is also a one of a kind, hot idea because it can be worn in more than one way. Your bridesmaids can wrap it around their neck in a halter style during the ceremony and turn it into an asymmetrical strap for the reception, among the dozens of other ways the dress can be worn. It’s a great way to give your girls style and comfort choices.

3.Mix and match bridesmaid dresses are a very popular selection with modern brides. Once a bride has decided upon a color, bridesmaids are able to select a style that personally suits them and their personality-one of the greatest bridesmaid dress ideas. It reinforces the fact that the bridesmaids do not have to wear the same dress because they do not have the same body type.

4. Vintage dresses are another hot bridesmaid trend. Mixing antiquated design elements like bodices, bows, and lace creates an interesting and stylish visual cohesion.

5. Play with patterns. Once brides select a color for the wedding party, they can ask bridesmaids to wear dresses featured in that color and dresses that incorporate a floral or pattern that boasts the feature color.

6. Wearability is a new bridesmaid dress trend many brides are embracing. Bridesmaids can wear their dress repeatedly if the dresses feature ruffles, flattering necklines, and floral accents. Pair it with a cardigan and your bridesmaids have an instant work or business meeting outfit. Some can even wear them as formal attire for another wedding.

7. Lace bridesmaid dresses have grown immensely in popularity and are no longer just for the bride. Allow your bridesmaids to make a statement by wearing your wedding party colors with delicate lace detailing on the hemline and by the bust.

8. Bold and beautiful tones like tangerine, yellow, and fuchsia are the “it” colors to wear currently, but if they are too bright for your taste, pastels such as lavender and mint green are also popular choices for bridesmaids.

9. Illusion necklines flatter a variety of figures and create a vintage chic look. Usually cut in a sweetheart neckline, a thin, transparent layer of material spreads across the chest and results in a layered look.

10. Ivory colored bridesmaid dresses are popular among brides to be, ever since the royal wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William. Completely transforming the taboo trend, dressing your bridesmaids in similar colors to your wedding gown is a very popular decision.

Keep these 10 hot new bridesmaid dress ideas in mind when searching for bridesmaid dresses for your dream day.

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