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10 Ideas To Spice Up Casual Bridesmaid Dresses For Outdoor Wedding


Casual Bridesmaid DressesCongratulations! You got engaged and are ready to plan a big wedding, right? Maybe not! Weddings are an extremely personal choice and many couples today are opting to tie the knot in a court house, park, on the beach, or at a location that has a special meaning or significance to where they met or fell in love. Wearing an over the top wedding dress may not be the most appropriate choice when saying your “I do’s,” at a casual venue so your wedding and bridal party dresses need to be reflective of the season, time, and place of the vow exchange. Casual bridesmaid dresses may look relaxed but are anything but boring. Here are 10 ideas to spice them up for your outdoor wedding:

1. Cotton bridesmaid dresses are a light and airy choice for hot summer weddings and are great for a wedding in a park or backyard wedding. To spice them up, add a sparkly, colorful, or playful brooch that sits cheerfully on near the collarbone of the dress. Brooches can be obtained easily and inexpensively by scanning flea markets or antique stores.

2. Casual bridesmaid dresses come in long and short styles. If marrying in the spring or summer time, opt for short bridesmaid dresses. Spice up these shortened hemlines by wearing colorful shoes! Play around with the color wheel by choosing a complementary color shoe to your girl’s dresses. Simply identify the color of your dress and look at the color directly across from it on the wheel to pick up a pair of heels that will give the casual bridesmaid dresses a kick of color.

3. Beach bridesmaid dresses are light and airy. If marrying in the morning or afternoon, opt to pair the dresses with floppy straw hats, a pair of colorful sunglasses, or a whimsical but subtle piece of jewelry that reflects the ocean-like an anchor, sea shell, or sand dollar.

4. A line bridesmaid dresses look universally flattering on most body types, so they are a popular choice for a wedding of any style. To spice up this look, allow your bridesmaids to select different shades of a color, creating a monochromatic look. Or incorporate a playful pattern that is appropriate to your venue. Nautical stripes add a great touch to beach themed weddings.

5. Add a hat! British royalty Kate Middleton had hats of every style, shape, color, and design you could image at her church ceremony. If having a garden wedding or reception, invite your girls and your guests to wear their favorite hat! Anything goes.

6. Casual bridesmaid dresses tend to not look as casual when adding a large but pretty flower accessory to the hair. Headpieces like fresh flowers or satin flower clips will make your bridesmaid look relaxed but stylish.

7. Sparkle and shine! Adding some sparkle is a great way to spice up casual bridesmaid dresses. Headbands that are composed completely of rhinestones, or applying a lustrous body lotion will easily add some elegance and attention toward your bridesmaids and their dresses.

8. Add a cape or shawl. If marrying outdoors, especially during the evening or having a candle light beach ceremony, spice up your girl’s casual dresses by adding a soft and silky cape or shawl for them to pull around themselves. They will flutter next to the rolling ocean waves or in the gentle breeze of the evening as the sun sets.

9. Add a statement piece. Casual dresses deserve a little dose of glamor. Pick one colorful or sparkly statement piece of jewelry for your bridesmaids to wear on their ears, neck, or wrist. It will add some shine and interest to the casual frocks.

10. Pick a different color for each bridesmaid. If marrying in a garden or on a beach, there are many natural colors that will be emphasized if each bridesmaid wears a different color. The dresses can still be comfortable and casual, but will immediately add an element of style when each bridesmaid is seen in a different color.
Having an outdoor wedding and casual bridesmaid dresses does not mean you have to sacrifice style!

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