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Bridal Shower

10 Inexpensive Personalized Bridal Shower Favors

By November 22, 2012No Comments

Personalized Bridal Shower FavorsBridal shower favors are a must. The tiniest trinkets; these favors are a token of your appreciation toward your guests for spending your special day with you and giving you a gift or money for well wishes. Read on to learn about 10 inexpensive personalized bridal shower favors that take saying “thank you” to the next level without breaking the bank.

1. If you are hosting a stag and doe bridal shower, you can order personalized cups in bulk. Purchase pink for the ladies, and blue for the men; and have their names engraved on each cup, as well as the date of your bridal shower and your new monogram.

2. Some other inexpensive but personalized wedding shower party favors are mini bottles of wine. You can purchase them by the case, receiving multiple case discounts; and even get a personalized design label put on each bottle!

3. Other popular bridal shower favors ideas are creating thank you poems that incorporate each guest’s name into it; reflecting on a funny characteristic they display or a special moment you shared together. You can have these poems frame, by purchasing miniature frames from your local dollar store.

4. Personalized matches also make great engagement party favors and bridal shower favors. Both of your names can be etched on the matches on one side, and the saying “A perfect match” can be etched on the other!

5. If your bridal shower is taking place during fall months, you can purchase mini pumpkins and attach your monogram to it, using a hot glue gun. You can also have them sitting on a table that says thank you above it so your guests know that they are their favors to take.

6. Create a candy bar. You can purchase lots of candy in bulk from local stores. You guests will love scooping out some candy and taking it home in small boxes provided, which you can also purchase inexpensively at your local party supply store. You can also turn these into personalized bridal shower favors by placing a large letter on each box, representing your new monogram.

7. If you are having your bridal shower around the winter holiday, you can attach a thank you sticker to red, silver, and green ornaments.

8. Some other affordable personalized bridal shower favors can include giving potted tulips or daffodils to each guest and writing a thank you message using a paint marker on the bottom of each pot.

9. You can also purchase pens or pencils in bulk and get each personalized to say a short thank you message or to document the date of your bridal shower. This is a cute and cheap idea if the bride is a teacher!

10. Consider purchasing wine bottle toppers in your new monogram. Every time your guests celebrate in the future, they will reflect on your useful gift. They can be purchased in packs of 25!

There are many personalized bridal shower favors that you can purchase that are adorable, useful, and affordable!

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