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10 Mistakes To Avoid With Mens Beach Wedding Attire

By July 31, 2012September 13th, 2012No Comments

Mens Beach Wedding AttireIf you are exchanging vows on the beach, be sure to have proper mens beach wedding attire. Grooms sometimes make mistakes with their suits, so read on to learn the 10 mistakes to avoid when getting married on the beach:

1. Linen suits are a must. Many grooms feel they need to be traditional and formal, even though their wedding is taking place at a nontraditional setting. There are a variety of light weight, mens linen suits that not only look formal, but will ensure comfort.

2. Go light. The classic black suits look elegant and dapper, but for beach weddings, lighten up. Beige, cream, ivory, or a grey suit will look great up against the surf and turf.

3. A double breasted suit is ideal for very formal beach ceremonies and receptions at venues like a boat or beach club, or even on a yacht. If you are having a casual and traditional wedding, opt for a single breasted suit.

4. Skip the tie. If it is extremely hot, do not torture yourself. It is socially and fashionably acceptable to tie the knot on the beach without a tie and in a loose, cool, and comfortable silky or linen shirt.

5. Mens beach wedding attire can be playful. You chose to have a ceremony and reception at a fun and whimsical setting, so have fun with your ensemble. A nautical tie or nautical colors are very appropriate and chic for weddings by the sea.

6. If wearing a tie, opt for light tones or playful prints. It will complement your overall look and setting.

7. Keep to a light and airy looking boutonniere. A simple fiddlehead, some sprigs of baby’s breath, or a single tropical flower will make you look fresh and formal.

8. Stay away from a full tux. It is too hot for all of those layers on the beach. Relax! You can get that formal wedding day look by wearing a suit and other light weight mens beach wedding attire.

9. Skip the shoes. Try wearing flip flops or go barefoot for your beach wedding.

10. Sunglasses are the ideal accessory for a beach wedding, but many grooms make the mistake of leaving them on during the ceremony. Put them in your pocket or hand them to your best man; it’s best for your bride to be able to see your eyes as you both exchange your vows.

If you are getting ready to tie the knot on the beach, be sure not to make these common mistakes and dress in appropriate mens beach wedding attire.

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