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10 Mistakes With Brown Bridesmaid Dresses And Groomsmen Attire


Brown Bridesmaid DressesHere comes the bride, all dressed in white! Selecting a color for your wedding dress is easy. Your choices are traditionally limited to white, off white, champagne, and ivory. The difficult decisions come when choosing a color scheme for your wedding party. Brown bridesmaid dresses are currently popular and a pretty choice, especially-chocolate brown bridesmaid dresses! However, brides to be need to be careful they do not make one of the 10 mistakes listed below, especially when pairing the chocolate bridesmaid dresses with groomsmen attire and other wedding day ensembles and ceremony and reception décor:

1. Do not pair brown bridesmaid dresses with black groom suits. Just as you would follow the timeless rule-never wear brown shoes with black pants, never pair a brown dress with a black suit. The colors will clash and will not look complementary in your professional wedding photographs.

2. Pairing the chocolate toned bridesmaid dresses with grey groomsmen attire is also a faux pas. Again, think about how you would dress yourself for work or play. Do you ever wear grey and brown? Completely clashing, these two neutrals do not have complementary qualities when paired together.

3. Another mistake brides make when choosing brown bridesmaid dresses is dressing their junior bridesmaids in black junior bridesmaid dresses. While the junior bridesmaids will look complementary to the groomsmen if dressed in black, they will not with the cocoa or mocha colored bridal party.

4. According to wedding gurus at The Knot, when choosing wedding colors, the simpler the better. Many brides make the mistake of incorporating too many colors into their wedding party and décor themes-at times up to five or more! If you opt for brown bridesmaid dresses, picking two complementary colors is key for keeping your bouquets, centerpieces, and groomsmen attire from looking too messy and helps pull a look together. Accents like gold, topaz, cream, white, or beige are neutrals that add some pops of light color, depth, and contrast that are complementary.

5. When choosing wedding party color combinations, consider the time of year you are to be wed. Brown bridesmaid dresses look chic and are most ideal during the fall months. Some brides make the mistake of choosing darker color combinations for spring and summer months, when the weather is warm and colors are vibrant, light, and airy-not dark and rich.

6. Another mistake brides make once they get the color combination right with brown dresses and cream colored suits, is being overly matching. Instead of selecting brown ties for the groomsmen, add a pop of color like sage green, or gold, which complement the dark dresses without being an exact match.

7. Playing it too safe is another mistake most brides make when it comes to brown bridal party dresses and groomsmen attire. Their “better safe than sorry” attitude is a personal decision, but for more daring brides who love color, pairing the brown bridesmaid gowns with pops of color like coral adds brightness and interest to your wedding day look and makes a light or golden brown color scheme more acceptable for spring and summer use.

8. Silver accessories, vests, ties, and cuff links clash with brown wedding party attire. Silver has coolness to it, while golden accents are warmer and complement light and dark brown hues.

9. Opting for a monochromatic color scheme works for some shades, but for brown dresses and suits it looks drab and dated. Dark brown paired with light brown, whether in the form of a sash, jacket, vest, or tie doesn’t complement or break up the overall look the way pops of bright or neutral contrasting colors do.

10. Brown and bright white is another color mistake brides make prior to their wedding day. Dresses featured in off-white, champagne, or ivory tones are slightly more muted and less bright when up against chocolate or mocha brown wedding party attire.

Before saying “I do,” be sure to not make some of the common mistakes described above if planning on choosing brown bridesmaid dresses and coordinating them with groomsmen attire.

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