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10 Modern Mother Of The Bride Dresses Ideas To Avoid!

By March 9, 2017January 11th, 2018No Comments

Modern Mother Of The Bride DressesIf your daughter is getting married, you have probably begun to shop for modern mother of the bride dresses. While you may want to look in style and demonstrate that you know all about the latest trends at your grown up little girl’s big day, there are 10 ideas for dresses hat you must avoid. Read on to learn about some modern mother of the bride dresses mistakes.

1. Polka dots are very trendy prints and are popularly featured on modern bridesmaid dresses. This does not mean they should be worn by the mother of the bride. This will look as if you are trying too hard to appear youthful and are overly playful for a mother who should look a little more serious and formal on her daughter’s big day.

2. Just because your daughter is looking at non traditional wedding dresses doesn’t mean that you have to as well. It’s best for a mother of the bride to wear something that reflects the season and tone of the wedding. Many brides opt for non-traditional dresses but still host a formal ceremony.

3. Many modern dresses are composed entirely of lace and are designed in form fitting styles. Don’t feel pressured to wear one of these tight styles. Opt for a lace A-line silhouette because they are much more figure flattering for all women.

4. If you are considering wedding updos for medium length hair, you may want to consider an illusion neckline on your mother of the bride gown. These necklines will work with this hairstyle, so avoid strapless styles so you can have some lift and support throughout your chest that you may need.

5. If your daughter is dancing to modern wedding songs first dance, your dress can also complement this vibe. However, you can appear modern without looking like you are trying too hard. Select a neutral toned gown that boasts a simple yet modern design element like an asymmetrical neckline, rather than a plunging v-neckline, which is currently a popular design on many

6. Say no to bows. While they look completely vintage and are featured on a number of gowns, you should not shop for mother of the bride dresses with this accent on it.

7. Avoid short hemlines if you don’t love your legs. Short dresses are all the rage in the fashion world, but this is not necessarily a trend that you need to embrace if it is out of your comfort zone.

8. Do not select an unlined dress, if you need to disguise some lumps and bumps around your midsection. Many trendy gowns do not feature lining and can result in an unflattering fit.

9. Tulle is also a popular design element featured on many modern dresses. While it’s cute and whimsical, it is not age appropriate for a mother of the bride. Leave it for the bridesmaids and flower girls.

10. Heavy embellishments like rhinestones and feathers are also featured frequently on today’s special event gowns. It is best to stay simple and if you are attracted to sparkly gowns, stick to minimal shine so you do not appear as if you are trying to steal the spotlight.

Before shopping for mother of the bride dresses, be sure to read through the tips to avoid a faux pas when it comes to dressing for your daughter’s big day.

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