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10 Most Stylish Outside Wedding Decorations Ideas For The Aisle

By August 14, 2012No Comments

Outside Wedding DecorationsExchanging wedding vows outdoors not only means a classy wedding with an organic feel, but also interesting, unique, and fun outside wedding decorations to adorn your aisle with. Whether you have a traditional wedding ceremony and reception, or opt for a theme; read on to learn about 10 stylish outside wedding decoration ideas for the aisle you walk down:

1. Wedding arch decorations such as balloons, flowers, lights, and vines can be classy and simple.

2. Flower arrangements for the aisle are especially appropriate to serve as outdoor wedding décor. They can complement your wedding party’s color scheme and set the tone for seasonal weddings.

3. Lining the aisle with lit tea lights is also a popular outdoor wedding décor option that sets the mood and creates a classy ambiance.

4. Choosing wedding chair sashes to adorn each chair and serve as outside wedding decorations is a chic way to give your guests a sneak peek of your wedding party colors as they walk into your reception.

5. If it rains for your outdoor wedding ceremony, don’t fret! Always have a Plan B. Hold your ceremony indoors at your reception venue and arrange beautiful flower balls to be hung from the ceiling above your indoor aisle.

6. Lining your outdoor wedding aisle with lanterns and pumpkins during the fall is a great way to celebrate your big day and the harvest of fall.

7. If exchanging vows outdoors as the sun sets, be sure to line shrubs, bushes, and trees around the ceremony site with strands of white lights. They will create romantic mood lighting and be bright enough to help your photographer capture great shots.

8. If money is no object and you are not on a budget when it comes to outside wedding decorations go all out. Line an aisle with live Manzanita branches. The bold and beautiful branches can be purchased in a variety of finishes and can even be spray painted to meet your wedding’s color needs. String strands of lights or adorn them with lush and lovely flowers for a wow factor.

9. Before you walk down the aisle, have your wedding planner or reception attendant light sparklers. They can be preplaced along the aisle and will look amazing in photographs as you walk down an outdoor aisle as the sun is setting.

10. If exchanging vows on the beach, many times you do not have a designated aisle to walk down. Change that! The morning of your ceremony, create an aisle by lining shells, sea glass, pebbles, and star fish from where you will begin your walk down the aisle to where your groom will be standing.

There are many outside wedding decorations to utilize to make walking down the aisle beautiful and memorable.

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