10 Most Unique Wedding Cake Toppers Ideas


Unique Wedding Cake ToppersThe traditional bride and groom figurines are no longer the only option when it comes to cake toppers for weddings. In the past few years, wedding cake decorating ideas have expanded to include unique wedding cake toppers, and sometimes crazy wedding cake toppers! Here is a list of the top ten most unique wedding cake toppers:

1. A monogram – this may not see like it should be on the list of unique wedding cake toppers, however there are companies who will custom design your monogram. For example, you can have your monogram sparkle with jewels that match your wedding colors!

2. For people who prefer extravagant wedding cakes, you can choose toppers for each layer (placing them at the sides of the cake) and join them with ribbon or garland to the main cake topper, placed at the top of the cake.

3. You can choose your favorite sports team’s logo for a cake topper (just make sure the bride and groom love the same team!).

4. Humorous cake toppers are a unique choice. You can find toppers where a bride is placing a ball and chain on her groom, or where a bride is seemingly chasing the groom across the cake.

5. The most unique wedding cake toppers are toppers designed to look like the bride and groom!

6. If the bride and groom share a hobby Down Town Design, such as fishing, golfing, camping or music, there are cake toppers to symbolize all of these pastimes!

7. For theme weddings, toppers are available to match your theme. For example, a seashell for a beach wedding or dice for a Vegas ceremony.

8. If your wedding photographer can print out your wedding photos immediately, place a small frame on top of your cake and have someone insert your wedding photo into the frame before the reception begins.

9. Choose a movie the two of you love and have your cake topper designed to resemble the two main characters.

10. Animal lovers are not left out of cake topper fun! You can have a bride and groom made to look like your pets or your favorite animals. Nothing symbolizes unconditional love more than puppy dog love!

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