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10 Peacock Wedding Favors Ideas For A Posh Wedding

By September 29, 2012No Comments

Peacock Wedding FavorsWhen you are planning, organizing and hosting a peacock themed wedding it would be but natural for you to choose peacock wedding favors. With their feathery elegant insignia, they will complement your wedding theme with their blue/green color tones. Here are our 10 peacock wedding favors ideas for your posh, royal and elegant looking wedding, that can be purchased online:

1. Edible Peacock Wedding Favors
Edible peacock wedding favors are available in an assortment of goodies like cookies, colored almonds, candies, cup cakes and cakes. Not only do they complement your wedding theme, they are sure to entice your guests with a sweet tooth.

2. Peacock Magnets
Serving as a good mementos are peacock magnets. Made from glass, acrylic and metals, they are not only handy to keep your notes and reminders on the fridge, lockers, they also lend a stylish look that are sure to catch attention.

3. Peacock Candle
One of the most classic peacock wedding favors ideas for your wedding would be candles. These candles will add a touch of glow when lighted. Available online, you can either give away pillar candles in deep jeweled hues and prints or peacock candle holders.

4. Toasting Flutes
A part of the peacock wedding decorations, the peacock toasting flutes are the quintessential for proposing a toast. And when the finger foods for wedding reception are laid out, these flutes make a perfect match.

5. Peacock Feather Pens
Party favors for weddings maybe many, but nothing can be more thoughtful and highly useful than peacock feather pens. There are varieties to choose from as such pens with peacock feather or quill pens or ball point pens. The ball point pens have intricate motifs that signify the royal bird.

6. Soaps
When giving away gifts for wedding guests, soaps too will make good peacock wedding favors. These soaps, which are made from glycerin, moisturize and keep the skin beautiful and soft.

7. Silk Dupioni Peacock Brooch
This is sure going to be a hit among the ladies in the party. Made from silk dupioni, a blend of two different colors silk threads, this iridescent peacock brooch with feathers on its sides has a sparkly silver toned rhinestone embedded in the center.

8. Boxes
You will need favor boxes for your peacock wedding favors. Not only are these available as blue colored high gloss made from cardstock but also as eco friendly cardstock made from recycled paper.

9. Burst Ring
Another women’s favorite, made from gun metal, this ring has the iridescent colored rhinestones of the peacock with a fuchsia colored rhinestone in the center.

10. Tin Sets
What a refreshing idea if you were to give your guests tin sets! Fill these sets peppermint, or jelly beans or M&M’s and personalize them.

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