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Bridal Shower

10 Personalized Bridal Shower Gifts Ideas For The Bride

By November 30, 2012No Comments

Personalized Bridal Shower GiftsIf you want to give a gift that will leave an impression on the bride to be, you should consider personalized bridal shower gifts. Read on to learn about how you can give a one of a kind gift that the bride will treasure forever.

1. According to bridal shower gift etiquette, you should spend at least $50 or more; depending upon if she gifted you more for your bridal shower. One personalized gift she is sure to love is a lush towel set with her new monogram on it.

2. If you are attending a tea party themed bridal shower, you can consider purchasing a colorful set of coffee or tea cups that also has her new monogram etched in each piece.

3. Giving a set monogram blankets complements many bridal shower themes and is a useful gift she is sure to love day and night!

4. If you wish to give more playful personalized bridal shower gifts, you can purchase lingerie that boasts a sassy saying like the “Future Mrs. Smith”, or “Property of Mr. Smith”.

5. You can purchase a silver cake cutter and get the wedding date inscribed on it so the bride and groom can use it for the cutting of the cake during the reception.

6. Champagne flutes that have the date of the wedding inscribed are sure to become a cherished gift. The bride can choose to use them the day of her wedding or to celebrate with for her first anniversary.

7. Consider giving the bride a monogram cake topper to incorporate into her wedding cake’s design, and keep as memorabilia for the future.

8. Monogrammed doormat to be placed outside of her home could become a great gift she’ll remember. It is one of the most popular personalized bridal shower gifts to give.

9. You may also wish to purchase a jewelry box with a message engraved to keep her engagement and wedding rings in.

10. Why not visit an artistic website like Etsy to order a custom frame for the bride so she can frame one of her wedding photographs in. The frame can write the couple’s name, wedding date, and venue.

There are many original personalized bridal shower gifts to give that will wow the bride to be.

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