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10 Reasons To Choose Vintage Diamond Engagement Rings

By July 24, 2012No Comments

Vintage Diamond Engagement RingsVintage diamond engagement rings have been growing in popularity over the past 10 years. Grandma’s ring now has more meaning and it is fashionable! Brides to be are seeking these desirable types of engagement rings in a variety of styles, sizes, and even colors. Read on to hear to 10 reasons why you should choose vintage diamond engagement rings over any other kind of ring:

1. A vintage ring sets the stage for an elegant and trendy vintage wedding. Light antiquated colors, embellishments on wedding dresses, and retro chic hairstyles to be worn at the wedding are all reasons to embrace the 1920’s-1950’s look.

2. An Edwardian engagement ring is a popular type of ring that embodies the vintage era. A round center stone is surrounded by intricately designs and engravings like birds, flowers, and scrolls.

3. Helzberg engagement rings are also another type of popular vintage looking ring. Comprised with layers and tiers of diamonds, these stunning sparklers stand out and are set in an embellished band.

4. Brilliant cut engagement rings are the classic style of a vintage ring. Known for their dynamic shine factors, these rings are round and lustrous.

5. Vintage rings are more of a conversation starter over many other styles of rings. They are more noticeable and have style elements that demand attention.

6. Vintage diamond engagement rings are a great way to ensure a conflict-free diamond purchase. In the 1990’s many people were killed in wars fuelled by diamonds across Angola, Congo, Liberia, and Sierra Leone.

7. You can wear your great grandmother’s or grandmother’s actual ring. Think of it as recycling style and a significant (and romantic) piece of history.

8. You can get many vintage rings at discount prices. Visit a local estate sale to purchase or bid on a piece that catches your eye.

9. Wearing an actual ring from the past means you are guaranteed a true vintage ring, not a vintage inspired modern piece.

10. Many vintage rings are colored and colored rings are the current trend. Sapphires, rubies, and emeralds are beautiful, bold, and will always be in style.

Vintage diamond engagement rings are a worthwhile and chic investment that will never go out of style.

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