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Flower Girl Dresses

10 Secrets To Making Toddler Flower Girl Dresses In Black Look Stylish

By July 25, 2012No Comments

Toddler Flower Girl Dresses Black toddler flower girl dresses look elegant and sophisticated. They complement a wedding party’s color scheme with ease and photograph beautifully in pictures. Black flower girl dresses can look even better by reading on to discover 10 secrets to making toddler flower girl dresses in black look stylish:

1. Infant flower girl dresses look darling when adorned with a subtle sparkle-like a rhinestone pendant or a delicate pair of diamond studs for pierced ears or clip ons for un pierced ears.

2. Baby flower girl dresses can get a pop of color and style by wearing a dressy pair of black patent leather shoes and frilly white or silver silky socks.

3. Tutu flower girl dresses featured in black look instantly playful and chic. There are a variety of retailers in stores and online that boasts these adorable embellishments and does so in a variety of colors.

4. Mixing colors is another great way to make toddler flower girl dresses look more stylish. For example, a cute vintage ivory lace on the dress’ top can be paired with a fluffy black skirt.

5. Add a sash! Black dresses look instantly interesting and chic when a pop of color is added to the dress on a sash. Bright pink, silver, lilac, and off-white are great accent colors for black dresses.

6. Adding a petite posh jacket for cooler wedding seasons looks stylish and adorable. A velvet jacket can also be worn again on holiday events and for annual picture sessions.

7. Leopard skin bows to be added onto the dress or worn in a flower girl’s hair adds instant style and makes a playful embellishment.

8. Adding a bold pink, purple, red, or silver shoe adds some color to all black toddler flower girl dresses.

9. For cooler seasons, a sparkly black or silver thin satin scarf makes even the youngest member of your bridal party look like a fashion diva.

10. For beach weddings, having a flower girl wear a light straw hat with a black sash keeps the sun out of her eyes but also looks fashionable and fun!

If black is your color choice for your bridal party, there are a number of things you can do to make flower girl’s black dresses look more stylish while remaining age appropriate and pretty.

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