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10 Stylish Purple And Turquoise Wedding Decorations Ideas

By March 8, 2013March 9th, 2013No Comments

Turquoise Wedding Decorations Purple and turquoise wedding decorations photograph beautifully and are colors that stand out among spring and summer elements. Read on to learn how you can stylishly incorporate these tones into every aspect of your wedding planning – from chair covers and sashes to bridal party dresses!

1. If you have selected purple mother of the bride dresses for your mother, consider placing turquoise toned flowers at their bridal reception tables. The two tones will contrast but complement each other in pictures!

2. You can also drape purple and turquoise pieces of fabric across the reception ceiling to soften up venue. There are many wedding decoration rentals that can help you create this unique look, as well as other great ideas.

3. These two rich tones also make for vibrant wedding pew decoration ideas. You can intertwine thick ribbon or streamers and attach them across each pew.

4. If you are having an evening ceremony, be sure to purchase purple and turquoise candles in varying sizes and shapes to place on pedestals and lanterns; giving your event some soft light.

5. Polka dots are currently a very trendy pattern and are featured at many vintage weddings. Consider placing these spotted purple and turquoise wedding decorations in the form of balloons that can be scattered all around your ceremony and reception site.

6. Also, try incorporating these striking colors on your table linens. You can cover one of the tables with a purple cloth, and another in a turquoise cloth. Place a vase with turquoise flowers on the blue table, and vice versa for the turquoise table.

7. If you decide to alternate purple and turquoise wedding decorations, you can also alternate your table napkins or place settings. You can put turquoise place settings on purple tables, and vice versa!

8. Many brides-to-be are embracing the huge vintage trend when it comes to their wedding dress and d├ęcor ideas. Lace is a huge hit with modern brides. Consider placing a solid turquoise table cloth on each table and dying white lace cloths purple, and placing them over top of the blue base. This will look antiquated yet modern and is very cost effective.

9. Ornate lanterns spray painted in turquoise or purple tones also looks unique and chic when placed on a plain white table cloth or among the gift and card table.

10. Your favors can also double as your table decorations. Many couples hand out matches, candy, wine bottle toppers, or even candles. Why not select them in purple or turquoise tones and get them inscribed to add a personal touch?

There are many stylish purple and turquoise wedding decorations ideas that you can consider to incorporate into you reception and ceremony venues.

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