10 Stylish Winter Wedding Pew Decoration Ideas

Wedding Pew Decoration IdeasAre you having a winter bridal ceremony in which you will be exchanging vows in a church and need unique decoration ideas? If so, check out these 10 stylish winter wedding pew decoration ideas to wow your guests and help you achieve the most perfect pictures of your big day!

1. Winter wonderland wedding decorations help make this chilly season look a little warmer. Consider stringing long pearl strands or crystal balls to hang on and in between each pew. These will catch the church’s light and will shimmer and shine throughout the ceremony.

2. White satin fabric pom-poms in a shape of a ball hung at the edge of each pew by a blue or silver ribbon, are a more modern and affordable alternative to fresh flowers. These will complement your dreamy Vera Wang gown and your long chapel veil, and even winter bridesmaid dresses, when you make the pom-poms’ ribbon holder the same color as your bridesmaids’ gowns.

3. Winter wedding bouquets that are smaller versions of what you are carrying at the entrance of each pew could include flowers like red roses, holly with berries, and even some red poinsettias. Placing them in rustic cone-shaped burlap is a cute option for vintage inspired bridal themes.

4. Some other winter wedding aisle decorations ideas can include hanging a lit garland across the top of each pew. This works well for winter ceremonies taking place around the holidays.

5. One of the most popular stylish decoration ideas is hanging a few small shimmering silver and white ornaments on curly white willow branches across the rows or each pew. The branches can be secured either with large white ribbons or placed in long narrow white or neutral toned floor vases. Adding spot lights next to the vase that would illuminate the branches would create a sophisticated mystic look. If you prefer edgier decoration ideas, choose long branches that go above your guests’ heads, as to imitate a holiday forest type of scene.

6. Some other wedding pew decoration ideas that you are sure to love include berry clusters. They can be tied together with a silver lace bow to help you achieve a vintage wedding look and feel on each pew.

7. Also try placing silver candelabras at the very end of each pew and place red and silver and gold lit candles to give your church ceremony and magical glow.

8. Some other traditional stylish wedding pew decoration ideas that you could consider are placing winter pine wreaths with twine bows on the edge of pews that welcome each guest in a wintery way as they take their seats.

9. If you are on a budget, you may also consider decorating the pews with red and green streamers around the holiday time. You can place shimmering snowflake stickers sporadically on the streamers and they will serve as cute but cheap décor.

10. You can also place intricate, white pedestals at the end of each pew and with white hydrangea flower arrangement on top. If on a strict budget, you can do small, red poinsettias with several lit tea lights instead. They will photograph beautifully as you walk down the aisle and are affordable and easy to set up prior to the ceremony.

Consider these stylish winter wedding pew decoration ideas to create a festive and inviting space for your guests to enjoy during your ceremonial program.

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