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10 Things To Avoid With Satin Bridesmaid Dresses For Average Body Type


Satin Bridesmaid DressesSatin bridesmaid dresses are sheer, shiny, and glamorous for weddings taking place in any season. After you select your bridesmaids to stand by your side on your big day, you need to take their body needs into consideration. Some styles and cuts of satin dresses are not for everyone. Here are 10 things to avoid with satin bridesmaid dresses for a bridesmaid with an average body type:

1. White is a fright! You are the star of the show on your wedding day. While brides to be are more inclined today to embrace cream, off-white, or champagne or other modest bridesmaid dresses resembling shades of white, it’s rarely heard of when a bride chooses white bridesmaid dresses. Steer clear!

2. Strapless bridesmaid dresses look sleek and chic, but may not be for everyone. Consider your bridesmaid’s bust lines and their comfort throughout your ceremony and reception. You certainly would not want a dress malfunction as they walk down the aisle or dance at the reception; nor do you want them to continuously tug on their dress all night to keep it up.

3. Satin is shiny, so it attracts attention to every enhancement or flaw on the figure. If you have plus size bridesmaids in your wedding party, opt for satin plus size bridesmaid dresses that have an A line or empire waist cut so the material looks more flattering in these complementary styles.

4. Mermaid styles are extremely difficult to pull off on an average body type-especially when featured on satin bridesmaid dresses. Opt for dresses that mimic the look, offering flared and fitted features, without being too clinging or body hugging.

5. The darker the color you choose for your satin dresses, the more flattering they will look. Black or navy blue satin is a timeless and classy choice for any season. Colors like pale yellow, lilac, periwinkle, and sage tend to show any lumps and bumps on an average body type.

6. Satin dresses with a bubble hem line tend to make bridesmaids of an average body type appear heavier. The bubble hem line creates a rounded shape, rather than a streamlined look, so opt for shorter straight or flared hem lines that stop at the knee or below when wearing satin bridesmaid dresses.

7. Pairing satin dresses with flats, for long or short styles does not enhance a bridesmaid’s figure. Heels whether they are a kitten or platform style; add definition to the legs; making your bridesmaids appear tall and slender, while giving the rear a subtle lift.

8. Bridesmaids of average body types make the mistake or not wearing undergarments like shape wear. Or, they select shape wear that is too small, creating lines and bumps under the dress. When worn correctly, shape wear can pull the mid-section area in, while smoothing out bumps and lumps before slipping on a satin dress.

9. Lack of support is another mistake bridesmaids of average body types make when wearing satin gowns. Opt for a strapless bra or make an appointment to get molded push up cups sewn into the dress to create a flattering bust line that provides ample coverage and support.

10. If getting married in the fall or winter months and your bridesmaids are planning on wearing panty hose, make sure they select the correct size. Satin has a sheer quality to it, so panty lines, panty hose lines, and other body shapers can be seen through the fabric if too tight.

Now that you are aware of the 10 things to avoid with satin dresses for average body types, your bridal party will look sleek and chic in their satin bridesmaid dresses.

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