10 Things To Avoid With Second Wedding Dresses For Older Women

Second Wedding DressesSometimes things are better the second time around-especially marriages! When shopping online or in stores for second wedding dresses, there are a number of things to consider and avoid. Second marriage wedding dresses should reflect your personal style but abide by a few fashion and social etiquette guidelines for older women remarrying. Here is a list of 10 things to avoid with second wedding dresses:

1. Bright white dresses scream purity and youth. If you desire wearing white, opt for an off white, beige, or champagne tone.

2. When becoming older, many women become self-conscious about their bodies. Avoid this on your wedding day by wearing a wedding dress with sleeves. They will provide coverage and give you confidence. Lace sleeves are currently very popular, so the textured feature will look in style and complementary to your body.

3. Another mistake brides make is selecting very conservative wedding dresses for older brides. Dresses can also incorporate the current fashion trends. Retro colors and cuts could add a touch of flash and fun while exchanging vows.

4. Not considering vintage dresses are another big mistake brides to be make. Currently very popular with brides no matter what their ages are. Light pink, beige, and ivory dresses are cut in classic styles and adorned with brooches, sashes, lace, and elegant open backs.

5. Choosing a princess style wedding dress when shopping for second wedding dresses is a big mistake. Huge, demanding, puffy, and overly youthful; an older women would look silly wearing this oversize frilly frock.

6. Wearing all black is something many second time brides do because they feel it disguises their body flaws and should be the opposite of the traditional first time white wedding dress. However, you are getting married, not going to a funeral. Wearing all black looks drab and depressing on a day that should be celebratory.

7. Super short hem lines should be avoided for a second marriage ceremony. Show off the fact that you are aging gracefully, not hanging on to your youth. Tea length hem lines are as short as you should go for a second marriage wedding dress.

8. Lack of support is another mistake older brides make on their second wedding day. Strapless necklines do not provide much coverage or support unless fitted to a T. Halter straps, sleeveless dresses, and even an asymmetrical shoulder strap look more mature and are still stylish.

9. Mermaid dresses are another difficult dress to pull off because they flatter very petite, thin, or lean muscle body frames. Clinging to every curve and showing off any lumps or bumps, these dresses are usually worn by young brides. Opt for a traditional A-line cut or empire waist dress that has an ample amount of draping to complement your body.

10. Many older brides avoid adding pops of color when wearing an off-white or champagne colored gown. A flash of a red or jewel toned heels is very popular with today’s brides. A colorful feather barrette or a printed and pattered shawl worn around your dress for beach weddings is also appropriate and fun.

Second wedding dresses need to find the balance between conservative and overly sexy. By mixing both elements in your dress’ design and adding interesting accessories, you are ready to say “I do,” in style, all over again!

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