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10 Trendiest Wedding Headpiece Ideas


Wedding HeadpieceIf planning for your dream wedding, you probably have already begun the search for your dream dress. Make sure your wedding headpiece complements the color, style, and silhouette of the dress that you select. Read on to discover the 10 trendiest wedding headpiece ideas you can incorporate into your wedding day look:

1. Bridal fascinators with veil are currently a hot trend with brides to be. The fasteners come in a variety of colors, textures, and designs like feathers and flowers, and are linked to a blusher or a small piece of netted veil.

2. Wedding tiaras have been a sparkly hit with brides for years but have grown more popular after the royal wedding between Kate Middleton and Prince William.

3. Bridal fascinators in the form of flowers and feathers add style and a soft texture to the hair and overall design scheme of your wedding day look.

4. Oversized bridal flower hair accessories in the form of pins, clips, and barrettes makes a statement and can be worn with or without a veil.

5. Another wedding headpiece that is unique and interesting are headbands with short or long veils attached. It creates an instant retro look and the veil can easily be removed after the ceremony so it does not get in the way of the reception celebration.

6. An oversized scalloped feather clip will get attention and incorporate a modern spin on this vintage accessory.

7. Lace embroidered headpieces serve as a way to keep the hair pushed back and in place, while it attaches to a long cathedral length veil. This vintage wedding headpiece can be purchased in its original antiquated form from sites like Ebay or Etsy, or can be purchased at wedding retailers as vintage elements are wildly popular with modern brides to be.

8. Combs are an easy way to get instant glamour and incorporate sparkles into a hair do.

9. Hair pins come in all shapes and sizes and can be composed of sparkly metal or soft material that reflects the color of your dress and embellishments on your dress.

10. Hats with blusher veils are a chic way to incorporate style of the past into your modern day wedding look. The ultimate accessory for impromptu or courthouse weddings, the blusher veil instantly dresses up a white suit or simple A-line dress.

When choosing a wedding headpiece, be sure to try these 10 trendy suggestions to complement your wedding dress and wedding day look.

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