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10 Trendy Printed Bridesmaid Dresses Ideas


Printed Bridesmaid DressesPrinted bridesmaid dresses look sleek and chic. Hollywood celeb, Molly Simms got it right when she designed her winning bridesmaid dress look. Her bridesmaid dresses wore a variety of solid and floral bridesmaid dresses in a complementary color palate. You too can achieve a visually appealing wedding party look when you choose unique bridesmaid dresses. Here are some trendy prints to entice you!

1. Zebra print bridesmaid dresses allow your girls to take a walk on the wild side. The neutral black and white stripes can be paired with virtually anything and looks posh with a pop of bright color.

2. Peacock patterned bridesmaid dresses instantly brighten up a spring or summer wedding. The blue and green feather pattern looks chic on the bottom of the dress skirt while a blue bodice pulls the look together.

3. Vintage elements are back in a big way. Floral patterned bridesmaid dresses featuring oversized roses in muted pink and ivory shades will give you the antiquated tone you are looking for.

4. Swirls sound unusual, but they add an element of interest when paired next to solid color bridesmaid dresses in complementary colors. Black and white, or even grey and white look pretty and polished.

5. Leopard prints are a classic favorite but also are trendy printed bridesmaid dresses. Appropriate for a destination wedding or semi-formal affair, incorporating these spots means incorporating your wild and carefree personality into your wedding party look.

6. If tying the knot by the sea, nautical striped printed bridesmaid dresses can look casual and cute. Navy and white, or light blue and white stripes paired with lush white flowers and nautical accents like a gold shell or sand dollar necklace look light, crisp, and airy.

7. Paisley print bridesmaid dresses are feminine, casual, and ideal for weddings taking place outdoors on a ranch. A classic print; paisley can brighten up a wedding party look with its western colors and shapes while paired with a pair of brown or colored cowboy boots.

8. Large, bold, and colorful flower patterned dresses look gorgeous if having an outdoor garden ceremony and reception. Prints like roses, hydrangea, and even sunflowers are trendy and a treat for the eyes.

9. Banana leaf prints are making a comeback thanks to the vintage and retro movement in the fashion industry. Ideal for a destination wedding, the leaves are whimsical and flattering and appropriate for an afternoon or evening wedding on the beach.

10. Ikat in contrasting colors like gray and yellow or purple and green make a bright and bold summer statement. Seen everywhere in 2012, the Ikat print will show off you sense of style and serves as a fun, summer fabric.

If you want to incorporate printed bridesmaid dresses into your wedding party look, there are variety of prints and patterns to choose from in a wide array of colors.

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