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10 Tricks To Spice Up Lace Bridesmaid Dresses With Sleeves


Lace bridesmaid dresses look sophisticated and chic for any occasion, but especially for a wedding party look. They complement a lace wedding gown and bridesmaid dresses with sleeves make the ultimate vintage bridesmaid dresses for brides who have a serious love for the antiquated but elegant look. Lately, fashion magazines, glamour websites, and major bridal retailers are encouraging vintage lace dresses with sleeves shown in ivory, satin, and with embellished elements. Here are 10 tricks to spice up lace bridesmaid dresses with sleeves:

1. Add a pop of color. Since many lace bridesmaid dresses are featured in the traditional ivory or off-white tones, adding a colorful shoe that complements your wedding colors makes the lace dress more interesting.

2. Feathers add an element of style and texture to lace dresses with sleeves. Opt for a hair pin or headband that boasts this trend, or pin a feathery broach on the top part of the dress near the collarbone.

3. Add some sparkle. A chunky statement piece like a rhinestone choker keeps the eyes drawn upward, which off sets the lacy sleeves.

4. Add some fishnet. Since the sleeves on your bridesmaids’ dresses are long and textured, add a small touch of fishnet stockings for a look modern sleek and vintage chic look.

5. Add some volume. While being very beautiful, lace tends to be thin, flat, and streamlined. Take the lace bridesmaid dresses to a seamstress and ask them to add a light layer of tulle underneath the dress to give it a fuller, voluminous look. An added bonus of doing this is the fact that tulle was a very popular feature in the 1920’s-1950’s on dresses.

6. Sparkly bangle bracelets are sure to spice up a lace dress with sleeves. Also sure to be noticed, the layers of bracelets begin at the wrist, where the lace sleeves end.

7. Add a flower applique. Floral accents like one large rose, or a bunch of tiny rosebuds were wildly popular on dresses in the past. These flowers, large or small, can be sewn into the body of the gown with sleeves, or simply pinned and placed as needed.

8. Many lace bridesmaid dresses have scoop neck cuts or a large v cut from the backside of the dress. While lace sleeves look simple and sweet, adding a statement piece, like an opera length rhinestone necklace will add some sparkle and shine to the front of the dress, and a long, dangly visual that sits nestled within the back V cut of the dress, surely to be noticed when your bridal party has their backs facing the guests.

9. Add a lace headband. Make your own or purchase a headband to keep your ladies locks in check and commit to the vintage lace theme.

10. Embroider a small bow design into your lace bridesmaid dresses. Bows were all the rage on dresses from the past, and can be incorporated into your lace look simply and easily. Ask your local dress maker to add this one of a kind embellishment by gently weaving a delicate ribbon in and out of the lace on your bridal party’s sleeves or create a small bow at the shoulder or wrist of the sleeves.

Choosing lace bridesmaid dresses with sleeves creates a classic and timeless wedding look in which you can add some personal flair to spice up your vintage dress selections.

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