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10 Unique Bridal Shower Centerpiece Ideas For Tables

By January 20, 2013No Comments

Bridal Shower Centerpiece IdeasIf you are tired of the same old ideas for decorating tables at your bridal shower, you are not alone. Read on to learn about 10 unique bridal shower centerpiece ideas for your guests’ tables.

1. If you are having a tea party bridal shower, stack K-cups or boxes of tea bags with ribbon and bows around them so they serve as not only a theme decoration but a favor for each guest as well.

2. Why not make an edible centerpiece for each table? You can obtain cupcake holder stands and place cupcakes decorated in a way that complements your bridal shower themes and ideas.

3. Placing an upside umbrella in the center of each table is one of the most unique bridal shower decoration ideas. You can fill the center of the umbrella with flowers or favors for guests.

4. Type up various quotes about marriage and frame them. Multiple, staggered frames make for unique bridal shower centerpiece ideas.

5. If you are having a garden themed bridal shower, place various herbs from your garden in vases in the center of the table instead of flowers. This will not only be appropriate for the theme but unique as well!

6. If you are having a bridal shower during the winter holiday, place a large, clear vase in the center of each table and fill it with gold and silver shiny ornaments. You can even fill each vase with antiquated ornaments if you are having a vintage themed shower.

7. If you are a nature lover, consider placing a large vase in the center of each table that contains a Beta fish. It will set an organic tone and can be given to one guest at table to take home as a prize for one of your games.

8. Some other unique bridal shower centerpiece ideas include placing a pumpkin for each guest to carve. This is perfect for showers taking place during the fall and encourages guest
interaction. Whoever carves the best pumpkin can win a prize!

9. If you are hosting a bridal shower during spring months, lay a wreath composed of lilies, tulips, and other spring flowers in the center of the table. Fill the center with staggered candles and colorful, decorated eggs.

10. If you are having a carnival themed bridal shower, you can place bags of popcorn and peanuts in the center of each table for your guests to enjoy. Whoever finds a red ticket in the bottom of their bag wins a prize!

These bridal shower centerpiece ideas are truly unique and will not be forgotten by guests!

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