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10 Unique Buck And Doe Party Ideas

By January 26, 2013No Comments

Buck And DoeHosting a buck and doe party is the new trend with many engaged couples. How can you host a party that makes each guest feel welcome, involved, and excited for your big day? Read on to learn about 10 unique bridal shower themes and party ideas for a buck and doe shower and celebration.

1. Host a famous couple costume party. Co-ed showers, also commonly known as Jack and Jill parties, are the perfect place to wear a Jack and Jill costume! You can allow your guests to choose their own costumes or you can send suggested costume ideas in your invitation that you feel will be capture a couple’s personality.

2. Consider a unique vintage inspired buck and doe party. You can fill your home and outdoor dining area with vintage décor and antique table settings. You can play music from the 40’s and 50’s, and serve old fashioned cocktails and play card games! You can even encourage guests to wear top hats, strings of pearls, and bridal fascinators.

3. If you are having a destination wedding, turn your backyard into a tropical setting! The ladies can wear short, colorful dresses and the men can wear linen or Hawaiian printed tops. You can roast BBQ and set up beach volleyball, fire pit, and even lay out blankets to lounge on all over your yard!

4. Usually showers are held on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Why not have your unique buck and doe party at night in a lounge! You can section off an area just for your guests and have the DJ play a list of bridal shower songs and other dance hits to get your friends off the couches and on the dance floor!

5. A great activity for your co-ed event can involve board games. There are dozens of game ideas that are perfect for parties and partners. Serve up a few drinks and jump into some games that bring out competitive sides and lots of smiles. This event will be anything but traditional!

6. Many men and women are admirers of wine. Host your unique co-ed celebration at your favorite winery. Your friends can sip and socialize, while picking at some tasty tapas. You can even send guests off with their favorite bottle of wine as a favor!

7. Host a pool party! Men and women will love soaking up some sun and splashing in the water! Sexy, chic, modern; a pool party can be anything but average. Hire a caterer and crew to serve you poolside, and a bartend to concoct some unique tropical drinks.

8. For those couples who love sporty ideas, embark on a unique group activity. You could prepay for your guests to enjoy a day of skiing or snow tubing and meet you in the evening in the ski lodge for a cozy dinner, some drinks, and the opening of shower gifts.

9. Country inspired ideas are fun! Play your favorite country music, cook barbecue ribs, serve up some comfort food, and have your favorite beer on tap. Dress like cowboys and cowgirls, and even arrange for a dance instructor to teach the group a few line dances to try after some cocktails.

10. Serve up an interactive food, like fondue. Men and women will love dipping meat, cheese, and bread into hearty and robust dipping sauces while trading gifts and celebrating the upcoming union of two partners.

When it comes to hosting a co-ed buck and doe party, formalities such as who pays for the bridal shower and invitation etiquette still apply, but when it comes to a buck and doe theme ideas, let your imagination run wild! Anything goes.

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