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10 Unique Engagement Party Gift Ideas From Parents

By November 29, 2012No Comments

Engagement Party Gift IdeasIf your son or daughter is getting married, you need to consider engagement party gift ideas that are sentimental and unique, while remaining cost friendly; especially if you are paying for the party and the majority of the wedding celebration event. Read on to learn about 10 unique engagement gifts for the happy couple.

1. If you were able to witness the engagement of the couple and you have an image of it, consider getting it professionally matted and framed.

2. Think of engagement present ideas based on the theme of the engagement party. If the theme is fall, put together a hearty basket with maple syrup, a heated blanket, scarves, pumpkin pie mix, and even fall décor for their apartment or house.

3. Engagement gifts for couples can be purchased based on activities they have always wanted to do together. Purchase a sky diving gift certificate, camping equipment, or even tennis rackets and accessories to encourage them to finally get to the activity they talk about doing!

4. If you are in need of engagement gifts for her, you don’t have to spend any money at all. Why not finally gift her a piece of jewelry that holds sentimental value to you both. It could be her grandmother’s diamond earrings, or even a strand of vintage pearls.

5. If the couple is paying for the engagement party on their own, and you have the funds to do so; gift the couple their honeymoon! It not only takes a huge weight off of their shoulders, but it is one less thing that they have to plan for and will never forget.

6. If you are in need of unique engagement party gift ideas, you may wish to consider giving the couple a gift certificate for ballroom dancing lessons. They will be able to show off their moves during their first dance.

7. Gift the couple a month’s worth of maid service from a local company. They will not have time to clean while planning for the big day, and it will save them time and energy!

8. If you are in need of unique engagement party gift ideas, put together a scrap book of photographs and other memorabilia relevant to the couple’s dating history. A menu of their favorite restaurant, a photograph of them dating, and some images of their other favorite places and activities will always remind them of the reason why they have decided to get married.

9. Pay for the couple to have the car of their dreams drive them from their ceremony to their reception. Many couples struggle to pay for their wedding and tend to cut corners when it comes to transportation, so it will be a nice treat!

10. Get the couple a month’s worth of cooking lessons! They will learn how to prepare each other’s favorite meals, and brush up on the basics since they will no longer be living under your roof and will have to cook for themselves!

There are many engagement party gift ideas that will thrill the future bride and groom!

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