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10 Unique Outdoor Wedding Lighting Ideas

By July 25, 2012No Comments

Outdoor Wedding LightingDeciding to have an outdoor wedding means you have creative rein over the décor and design of the ceremony and reception venue. One way to spruce up your event is with outdoor wedding lighting. Read on to learn 10 unique ways to incorporate lighting into your wedding ceremony and reception:

1. Wedding lanterns are especially chic for fall weddings. The delicate flicker of candle light creates a rustic and hearty environment, especially when paired next to fall décor like leaves, pine cones, and pumpkins.

2. Outdoor string lights can be very elegant. If having a backyard reception or setting up tables outdoors for a cocktail hour, long strands of these lights can be strewn over top of awnings, a wedding gazebo, or hung from tree branches.

3. Colored Christmas lights are a fun accent and can be incorporated into your outdoor wedding lighting during the holiday season. Decorate some shrubs and trees as your guests walk into your reception hall.

4. If exchanging vows outdoors under a gazebo, why not do it as the sun is setting? Stringing lights around a gazebo creates the ultimate evening wedding effect as the lights shine as the sun sets.

5. Wedding arches are a popular accessory for outdoor weddings. Whether adorned in flowers, vines, or balloons; adding a strand of white lights looks whimsical when illuminated.

6. If having a backyard barbecue reception, opt for oversized bulb on string lights. They can be scattered among tree branches or line an enclosed patio or deck.

7. Another way to utilize outdoor wedding lighting is to use candles. Whether on a beach or another outdoor ceremony or reception venue, exchanging vows by candle light is elegant and romantic.

8. Light up the sky with fireworks. Although it is not your traditional use of lighting, setting off fireworks at the culmination of your event will be a big hit with your guests and is a great way to end an evening.

9. Tea lights can line an aisle and create a romantic and classy ambience as the wedding party walks down the aisle.

10. Look for an outdoor alter that has electrical wiring and lanterns attached to each side. This way, you will not have to worry about candles flickering out during the ceremony.

Incorporating outdoor wedding lighting is a pretty and inexpensive way to enhance your wedding décor and ambience.

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