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5 Best Custom Wedding Dress Makers Online

By November 10, 2012No Comments

Wedding Dress MakersYou can do it all online! Shop for wedding dress makers, purchase a tiara, design your own wedding shoes; even get inspiration about ways to wear your hair and make up for your wedding day! Are you seriously considering purchasing a custom made wedding dress because you just can’t find your dream dress online or in stores? If so, read on to learn about the 5 best custom wedding dress makers online:

1. Wedding Dress Creator
This website allows you to design your dream dress for free. It has every feature from wedding dress shapes, to types of sleeves, jeweled embellishments, and even staggered hem lines. Once you are done designing, you can print it out and take it to your local seamstress to have your creation turned into a reality. If you have ever asked yourself while shopping, “Why don’t I just design my own wedding dress?” You certainly can and should!

2. Yes My Bride
This site is great to shop if you are a plus sized woman and have not found any plus size bridal gowns that you really love. The process is easy and efficient. Simply shop the looks you love, place your order according to your measurements which you take from home, and the dress construction begins for you by hand by custom dress makers. Your dream dress is sent to you within 3-7 days. This process cuts down on time and money spend on wedding dress alterations since it is being designed specifically for your body and its needs.

3. Bride Couture
Couture means designed by hand and one of a kind. Put the word bride in front of it, and you have one website full of wedding dress makers that have pieced together a special couture creation just for you! Simply scan the site, click on the dress you desire, and its fine hand crafted quality will be boxed up and shipped to you. You may require mild alterations, but you can guarantee you have a unique dress that is an authentic couture piece.

4. Coco Myles
This site is mainly for bridesmaids to design their own bridesmaid dresses. However, brides who are non-traditional, on a budget, and are looking for a short, shiny, and colorful dress to wear to their destination wedding, casual ceremony and reception, or backyard wedding should certainly shop this dress for a beautiful, handmade, personalized creation by the company’s custom dress makers!

5. Short Cut Spy
Much like some of the other online sites listed above, you are able to design your own gown using some of the site’s custom features and templates. You can print it out when you are finished so you can have something ideal in mind when browsing websites or visiting stores to try on your masterpiece. You can even email the design to designers you come across online to see if they can put together your dream gown.

Designing your own dress and ordering it from the comfort of your own home is definitely going to be a must in the future. You can choose the wedding dress makers that can best create your dream dress image all with a click of a button!

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