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5 Best Luxury Italian Honeymoon Packages

By September 12, 2012No Comments

Italian Honeymoon PackagesThere’s no arguing about it that Italy is known as the land of romance, of “new-found-love”. Even though there are other honeymoon destination packages that are very much favored, very much in demand among honeymooners, the one that holds the reins are Italian honeymoon packages. Whatever your destination in Italy is, you sure are going to fall in love with the places and destinations at every breath you take, every step you take. Though it is hard and impossible to describe in detail of every place in Italy, here are 5 best luxury Italian honeymoon packages:

1. Tuscany
Blame it on “Under the Tuscan Sun”, as it sure has attracted honeymooners like magnets. But it sure justifies itself. How you ask? Simple, it absolutely gorgeous!!! It is one of the Italian honeymoon packages where you get to see panoramic views of misted green hills dotted with exclamation mark like shaped cypress trees, golden cornfields, ochre houses and lush green fields. Such a place with luscious landscapes will have anyone choking up with love. Don’t just read it!! Book that ticket and choose a villa of your choice from a myriad of villas for rent in Tuscany which are available dime a dozen.

2. Venice
Think Shakespeare, think Venice. This is where true love always triumphed! This is where passionate men fought for their true love. It is one of the best honeymoon destinations that carries a “WOW” tag with it everywhere it goes. Choose this city; Venice and include it in your luxury Italian honeymoon packages itinerary. Soak yourself in the architectural grandeur; tour the city in the gondola rides, walk along the tiny yet breathtaking streets as you may never get a chance like this, you may never see and visit a place like this.

3. Amalfi Coast
Made up of small towns including Amalfi, it truly is one of best honeymoon destinations in Europe for luxury. The rocky terrains, pristine white sand beaches drenched in sun is enough for any beach deprived honeymooners to drool. Declared as a world heritage site by UNESCO, it is where the rich and famous consider it to be their playground.

4. Sardinia
If you belong to the outdoorsy category of people who are looking for luxury Italian honeymoon packages, this is the best bet. A remote and less populated spot in Italy, it offers many active outdoorsy activities like hiking, sailing, mountain biking, kayaking. After you are done with all these activities, take a stroll on the gorgeous and pristine sandy beach.

5. Rome
Rome is where the heart is…ever heard of this? This “Eternal City” offers much more than meets the eye. One of the most favored and visited place in the world, it is the picture perfect city for honeymooners. Come; visit the beautiful basilicas and churches, ancient medieval monuments, museums and much more. That’s not all. Even a walk along the narrow yet peaceful and charming streets can make you go Mmmmm…..So if you are on getting married in this city where the gods walked, you couldn’t have chosen a much better place. All you need to do is check into a luxury hotel and scour for those classic car rentals for weddings which is going to make your wedding a celestial one.

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