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5 Creative Ways To Propose On a Beach

By December 2, 2012No Comments

Creative Ways To ProposeIf you and your girlfriend love the crash of the waves, shimmer of the sun, and soft, grainy sand of the beach, you may wish to propose at this serene and romantic setting. Read on to learn about 5 creative ways to propose by the surf and turf that the two of you will remember for the rest of your life!

1. Some engagement proposal ideas suggest you propose during an ocean side bon fire. Tell your partner you are going to run some errands, when in fact you are going down to the beach to set up a fire pit, blanket, picnic basket, and candles. Bring your soulmate down to the beach after a lovely dinner and begin to toast marshmallows in the fire pit for dessert. Once you pour some wine and enjoy the soft crackle of the fire, you can propose by handing her the emerald cut engagement ring of her dreams!

2. Another one of creative proposal ideas is to take your bride on a treasure hunt around the beach. You can bury a variety of clues she must solve by digging up little boxes you strategically placed around the beach. End the treasure hunt at a nearby elegant, ocean front restaurant where the final clue awaits her, and you propose to her!

3. Quick, simple, but romantic: you can draw a large heart in the sand while she is taking a dip in the ocean. When she returns, the message will be awaiting her!

4. If you are in need or more creative ways to propose on the beach, you can take a walk together. Hand a message in a bottle to one of the lifeguards nearby. As you walk by their post, they can stop you and show you that they found a message in the bottle. Together you can pull out the note and read it.

5. Many marine shows take place at the oceanfront. Your partner can be a part of that show! Contact the show manager to arrange one of the marine animals deliver a box to your future bride to be. Of course, make sure the box is waterproof and will not get damaged by one of the trained animals. Your partner can open the delivered box to reveal an engagement ring! That is certainly one of the most creative ways to propose!

When you are ready to get married, a beach setting is ideal for a unique and romantic proposal. Try one of the five creative ways to propose to be remembered for years to come.

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