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Bridal Shower

5 Fun Bridal Shower Games Ideas For Large Groups

By January 25, 2013No Comments

Fun Bridal Shower Games For your upcoming bridal shower, you may wish to play fun bridal shower games. Nothing occupies and delights a large group like a fun, silly, interesting, or competitive game ideas. No matter if you are hosting a buck and doe shower, or a vintage inspired affair; read on to learn how you can incorporate 5 fun bridal shower games ideas into your special day.

1. A bridal word scramble is a favorite of guests attending a bridal shower. They can battle it out to put their minds to the test. You can choose to set a time limit for your friends and family to determine who can unscramble the most wedding words before a timer goes off, or you can give them until the end of the shower to see if anyone can unscramble the entire list. You can purchase a premade word scramble, or make your own by incorporating personal words about your wedding day like your venue, date, and honeymoon location.

2. One of the most fun bridal shower games and activities ideas that will entertain large groups involves toilet paper and team work! Divide your guests into four or five different teams. Hand them 5 rolls of toilet paper to use to design a wedding gown on one willing guest. This activity is sure to get lots of laughs and is always one of the most favorite and fun bridal shower games. The bride can select her favorite winning gown, granting team members a prize!

3. You may also consider playing the bridal shower question game. Large guest groups love listening to a bride to be as she answers questions about her partner, or answer questions that she feels her partner would say about her. Guests get a chuckle as they learn some new information about their friend or family member, and think it is sweet when the bride gets answers correct. It has always been a huge hit, regardless of the shower theme or setting.

4. Also one of the most fun bridal shower games ideas, you can play “Pass the Bouquet.” All of your friends stand in a circle. The bride-to-be hands one of her guests a floral bouquet as she plays music. They begin to pass the bouquet clockwise, like the game “Hot Potato.” When the bride stops the music, the guest holding the bouquet is out and must return to their seat. The winner wins a prize!

5. If you are having a male and female party (also fondly called buck and doe, or Jack and Jill), consider playing a game that resembles “The Newly Wed Game.” You can interview couples separately in order to obtain answers and reveal them in mixed company. You will not only have a funny and interactive activity for your male and female guests to participate in, but it is sure to cause complete chaos (in a good way) between your invitees.

There are many fun bridal shower games ideas to choose from for your upcoming shower!

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