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7 Interesting Facts About Engagement Ring Cuts

By September 27, 2011April 10th, 2012No Comments

Engagement Ring CutsWhen planning to purchase an engagement ring, it is almost equally important to be aware of the different engagement ring cuts. When you are educated on the different engagement ring cuts, it will get easier for you to purchase the perfect ring for your bride to be. Below is a list of the seven interesting facts about engagement ring cuts.

1. There are several different types of diamond cuts. They include the oval, princess, trillion, marquise, heart, pear and round cuts.

2. The cut of a diamond has the biggest effect on its sparkle or brilliance.

3. The diamond cut is not the same as the shape, although the cut is usually decided by the diamonds original shape.

4. The most popular cut is the brilliant cut. The brilliant cut usually has fifty-eight facets which gives it the maximum sparkle.

5. The quality of the diamond cut is determined by the proportions of the stone and the amount of fire or the flare of rainbow colors from within.

6. The more facets there are, the more expensive the diamond.

7. After a diamond is cut, it is put into a cup called a dop. Diamonds require diamond particles or diamond dust in order to be polished and smoothed due to its natural hardness.

When you design your own engagement ring, knowing some of these facts about engagement ring cuts will help to choose the perfect engagement ring. You may also check out many of the engagement ring designers such as De Beers engagement rings. When choosing the ring, you will also have options such as the radiant cut diamond engagement ring or the emerald cut engagement ring as well as the engagement ring cushion cuts. Whatever you choose, your bride to be is sure to be thrilled and excited when you place it on her hand.

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