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7 Most Unusual Wedding Invitations Ideas For A Beach Wedding

By August 21, 2011April 10th, 2012No Comments

Unusual Wedding InvitationsBeach weddings are fun to plan as you can be very creative and think outside of all the wedding boxes. From attire to catering, fun and unique touches are found in every aspect of beach weddings, including wedding invitations. If you are having a beach wedding, you can find funky wedding invitations, romantic or tropical invites and you can also use letterpress personalized stationary to ask your friends to join you for your wedding day. When ordering unusual wedding invitations, there are several options so that you make sure your unusual wedding invitations do not turn into expensive wedding invitations.

1. Design your invitation to look like a flip-flop! Flip-flops are definitely beachwear and will give your invites a fun look.

2. You can order small starfish online and place it in every envelope.

3. If you want unusual wedding invitations, place a small bottle of sand in every invite envelope with sand taken from the beach upon which you will be wed. You can also send an empty bottle with your invites so that your guests can gather the sand at your wedding and this can double as your wedding favors.

4. Search for dried seaweed on the beach of your choice, and weave the seaweed with ribbon and tie this around your unusual wedding invitations as a bellyband ribbon.

5. You can use eco-friendly wedding supplies and have your invitations printed on recycled paper. Place a pouch of recycled and water soluble confetti in the invitation envelope and have your guests bring this to the beach to throw after your ceremony.

6. Make your invitations in the shape of a sand dollar. Or you can go the extra mile and purchase sand dollars for each guest and send them with the invite.

7. Have your invitations fold into a beach chair! Origami beach wedding invitations are a fun idea!

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