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7 Unique Wedding Guest Book Alternatives Not To Miss

By October 17, 2011April 10th, 2012No Comments

Wedding Guest Book AlternativesWedding guest books are a long-standing tradition, however some couples have offered very creative wedding guest book alternatives to their guests. There are some very unique wedding guest book ideas out there! If you are looking for unique touches to your wedding, such as custom wedding cards, or non-typical wedding music, wedding guest book alternatives might be something worthwhile to check out. You can theme your invitations, programs, and guest book so that they all portray the unique touches you are looking for. There are plenty of wedding ceremony program examples, and invitation samples for you too look at to get some fun and different ideas! Here are 7 unique wedding guest book alternatives not to miss:

1. A wedding signature frame is a very popular choice amongst wedding guest book alternatives. You can even ask your wedding photographer to print a wedding photograph before the reception and place it in the frame.

2. Guest book stones are a wonderful choice for your guests to let you know they were at your wedding. The river rocks can be ordered with special pens for your guests to sign and wish you well.

3. You can have a fingerprint tree poster and ink and your guests can leave their marks to resemble tree leaves. They can sign their names next to the leaves so that you know which print belongs to which guest.

4. Are you a musical couple? Purchase a guitar and have guests sign the instrument.

5. You can purchase a special platter made for signatures and have your names or monogram put the plate. Guests can sign the platter and you will have a unique memory of those who were in attendance.

6. Have one of your engagement photos made into a puzzle and have guests sign the puzzle pieces!

7. Use a photo booth as a guest book. Request that each guest have their picture taken so that you have a photographic memory of those who came to your special day.

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