All Inclusive Beach Wedding Packages In Florida – What Is Not Included?


Beach Wedding Packages In FloridaBeach wedding packages in Florida are some of the top choices for couples planning a serene tropical wedding all in the comforts of the USA. There is a limitless selection of all inclusive resorts in Florida on the beach, the trick is finding the best and finding out what your wedding package includes. This is the first step of planning your wedding.

Once you know what your beach wedding packages in Florida include, you can figure out what is not included and how much all of these extras are going to cost you. Since all resorts are different, you will have to find out in person all the details and fine print of your Florida beach wedding package contract.

Generally, couple’s and wedding guest’s accommodations are never included. Some of the top Florida resorts might give you a discount for your wedding party and closest family guests. If a couple decides to stay longer after the wedding for a honeymoon, all costs associated with this stay are not included in the main wedding package, however, it never hurts asking about a discount from a resort that’s hosting your celebration.

Most beach wedding packages in Florida do not cover any wedding transportation like wedding limousine or horse drawn carriage, or after wedding boat cruises along the Florida coast. In addition, a bride and her bridesmaids need to take into consideration professional make up and beach wedding hairstyles that are almost always an extra Jazz call and internet packages. Another option is to ask if a Florida wedding resort has any beauty professionals on staff to provide discounted services for your wedding party.

Some beach wedding packages in Florida do not include costs associated with actual beach rentals like chairs, wedding arches and accessories. It’s important to contact individual resorts to find out all the extra details to make your wedding as memorable as possible and avoid all the extra costs.

Another option for forward thinking couples is planning elopement packages in Florida allowing you to save money, stress and actually enjoy the time of your life. Minimum guests, costs and worries about what’s not included in elaborate wedding packages.

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