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American Wedding Etiquette For Guests – Attire Guide

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Wedding Etiquette For GuestsWhen it comes to attending an American wedding, there is specific wedding etiquette for guests that needs to be followed. From the gifts that you give, to the way you dress; certain items and apparel is acceptable and expected, while others are considered improper wedding etiquette attire. Read on to learn how you should dress in accordance to proper American wedding etiquette for guests.

First, be sure to leave the white dresses and pants suits in your closet. The only person that should be wearing white is the bride. While modern magazines, fashion sites and advisers say that wearing white to a wedding is no longer a taboo, many brides disagree. To play it safe, if you must wear a white gown be sure that there is a print or pattern on it that is also featured in another color like black, pink, blue or green.

If you the celebration is held in a tropical location, there is also destination wedding etiquette that needs to be followed. Be sure to wear a pair of flip flops or sandals, especially if the ceremony is taking place on the beach, and be sure that you dress does not resemble that of the bride’s.

Also, some weddings can be considered a black tie affair. This will be stated in the wedding invitation and guest should adhere to this rule and wear appropriate clothing to show respect to the bride and groom and their families. Women will look stunning in floor length dresses embellished with rhinestone and sequenced details. To complete the look, evening fashion jewelry like chandelier earrings and cocktails rings could be chosen. For men, renting or purchasing a tuxedo with accessories and evening shoes is a must.

If the wedding you are attending is a black tie optional affair, there will also be certain standards to follow when it comes to dressing for the wedding, gifts to give, and specific wedding seating etiquette to adhere to.
Also, when it comes to wedding etiquette for guests and the way that they dress, jeans should never be worn; even if the wedding is considered casual. A short dress for women and khakis for men are more acceptable for a casual affair.

If you are invited to a wedding, be sure to read the invitation thoroughly, pay attention to the details of the shower and engagement party, and follow the wedding etiquette for guests described above to ensure that you fit in with the rest of the guests.

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