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Autumn Wedding Flowers – Which Flowers To Choose?

By July 2, 2011July 4th, 2018No Comments

Autumn Wedding FlowersAutumn is a time of change that brings incredible bountiful gifts of nature. Planning a wedding in the fall is a great time to include autumn wedding flowers in bridal bouquets and table centerpieces. The color of the flowers is as important as the type of autumn wedding flowers you pick. Think deep orange, rusty red and bold yellows for your wedding table centerpieces and even bridesmaid bouquets.

Chrysanthemum flowers come in dozens various colors and shades and give your wedding reception an instant fall makeover. Mums are also inexpensive, last a long time and will stay fresh throughout your whole wedding day. Along with Mums, blue flowers for weddings like hydrangeas could be paired up nicely with other autumn flowers like roses or even sunflowers. Dahlias are other fantastic autumn wedding flowers that add vibrancy and interest to your wedding floral arrangements, these flowers look great as part of fall bridal bouquets.

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When it comes to adding drama to your autumn wedding flowers centerpieces many wedding florists choose Poker plant or as it is sometimes called Torch Lily. Poker plants come in a variety of fiery shades of orange, red and pink and create stunning floral décor.

Autumn leaves are very often included as part of wedding floral décor not only as table centerpieces but as floral aisle decorations. Using seasonal gifts of nature does not only save you money, it helps support local flower growers and reduces waste.

Some brides prefer to have more traditional wedding flowers that are available year round like roses, orchids, tulips, gerberas and others. These flowers could be successfully blended to create spring, summer or winter wedding bouquets. Modern day flower growers provide brides with luxury of spring wedding flowers virtually any time of the year, however the cost might be significantly more depending on the flower type and the actual season of your wedding.

When planning which autumn wedding flowers to pick, look beyond just flowers, autumn is a copious season that brings us a plethora of unusual fruits that could be successfully incorporated as part of your wedding table centerpieces like small pumpkins, crab apples and Chinese lantern fruits just to name a few.

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