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Average Price Of Engagement Ring – Store Vs Online

By February 9, 2013No Comments

Average Price Of Engagement Ring The average price of engagement ring can fluctuate dramatically depending upon where it is purchased. Where should you get an engagement ring to fit your style needs and your budget? Read on to learn about the pros, cons, and average price of engagement ring when shopping in stores and online.

Many people love the personal experience and individual attention that they receive when shopping for engagement rings in stores. However, you will pay about one to two thousand extra per ring, depending where you are shopping for this luxury. Currently, the average cost of an engagement ring for a person who makes about $50,000 per year is estimated to be $2,500-$3,500. Many stores and boutiques have overhead that they also have to cover in addition to their rings. Because in store price is slightly more, they offer a competitive edge that online shopping cannot-complementary resizing, prong restoration, and ring cleanings.

Also, some stores and brands do not do business online, so if you want a Cartier engagement ring for example, you will need to shop in store per their policy and also for security reasons as their rings are some of the most valuable and expensive in the world.

Other engagement ring retailers, like De Beers sell their rings in stores and online. De Beers engagement rings are unique because their website allows you to design your above average dream ring. From the setting, stone, shape, and size, once your dream creation is ready, you can email it to your partner to let them know exactly what you want!

One benefit of shopping online is that you can enter exactly what you want in a search engine. For example, if you desire brilliant cut engagement rings, dozens of hits will pop up and even allow you to quickly do some price comparisons from site to site. Rings are on average much cheaper online than at a store because you are paying for only the ring, not necessarily the experience or assistance. The average price of engagement ring is about $2,000 for online shoppers who would normally be able to get the same exact ring for nearly a thousand dollars more.

You also have the opportunity to come in contact with specific vendors that are not in your area and place a custom order for radiant cut engagement rings online.

Online browsing can inspire you because you will see thousands of images that will help you get a better sense of what kinds of rings you love and what you can get within your budget.
While the average price of engagement ring is much more affordable online, one must decide if they are willing to sacrifice the one on one experience that is provided when shopping for a ring in a store.

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