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Bachelor Party

Bachelor Party Checklist – Funny Game Dares Ideas

By July 20, 2011July 16th, 2018No Comments

Your bachelor party checklist probably includes a bachelor party bus, food and drinks and as many destination points as possible for your friend’s last single night of fun and games. Even if you have found all of the best bachelor party locations in town, are you looking for ways to make the party more interesting? Do you want to throw a “party to remember,” yet keep it safe for all those invited? As the host of the biggest party of the groom’s life, you can ensure his night is wild and safe at the same time with a few clean bachelor party ideas.

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If your bachelor party checklist contains the names of every nightclub in town, consider playing “bar golf.” There are several ways to play, however one safe way is to select nine “holes” (bars) and give the bachelor a task at each bar. Perhaps he has to sing karaoke at hole 5, at hole 7 your bachelor must buy each girl in the bar a shot. You should have the bar golf tasks with you and the groom-to-be can sign his name after each one is completed. Have a golf trophy with his name on it and surprise him at the end of the night with the award!

A bachelor party scavenger hunt can make bar hopping a lot more interesting then just cramming in club after club. Everyone in attendance can participate and, if you plan far enough in advance, you can ask the venues/restaurants/bars to participate in the fun as well. If “girls” are on your bachelor party checklist, try heading to known bachelorette hotspots as many of these places will cater to both types of parties. Your buddy will receive free beverages, or be acknowledged over the P.A. system as they do for the bachelorettes, so he will receive all the attention he deserves. You can even dare him to have his picture taken with every bachelorette in the nightclub!

Adding some funny games will add to the memories you want to create for your friend before his wedding day. By keeping the fun safe and remembering his likes and hobbies, you can add “throw the best bachelor party ever” to your bachelor party checklist, and know that you will accomplish just that!

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