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Bachelor Party

Bachelor Party Scavenger Hunt Checklist – Vegas Style!

By September 21, 2012October 15th, 2012No Comments

Bachelor Party Scavenger Hunt You are throwing a bachelor party for your best buddy’s wedding as you have been chosen to be the best man. Isn’t it time to have some fun, to pull the groom’s leg? What better way to do that than throwing a bachelor party scavenger hunt? After all, these are the last days of his bachelorhood as well as his final opportunity to have some fun times which “his-soon-to-be-bride” might not approve of.

Earlier bachelor parties were quite different from what they are now. Those older mostly fun bachelor party ideas involved going to the local bar or watching a groom’s favorite sport or engaging in some sports like going to the casino and gamble in poker, organizing a tournament of golf, tennis, bowling, indulging in extreme sports like bungee jumping, Para-sailing, skydiving, gliding, etc.

But with the changing times, bachelor parties sported a new look hence the bachelor party scavenger hunt ideas became popular! Among such party ideas are the Las Vegas bachelor party ideas wherein the groom is taken away to Las Vegas to have fun. As part of this hunt, the best man prepares a checklist or daring tasks to be performed by the groom. This event is meant as a scavenger hunts for adults so anything goes! Although there are many ideas that a best man can write down for the bachelor party scavenger hunt, here are some common checklist ideas that can be done in Vegas style:

Glug a drink in a matter of seconds
Pose and take a snap shot with a look alike of Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe or Johnny Depp (there plenty who will humble you)
Buy the most costly product in a mall
Buy and wear the tackiest t-shirt and pose for a picture wearing it
Buy the ugliest, the tackiest pair of sunglasses and wear it
Pose with a drag queen
Take a picture of you with the famous Las Vegas sign behind you
Take a picture while going down a roller coaster (the wild expression and the wild hair)
Break into a jig dance either in the middle of the road or at the event
Drink from a beer bottle without using hands
Take double tequila in one shot
Crash a wedding by being the person who objects
Ask a complete strange woman to buy you a drink

Although a bachelor party scavenger hunt is usually thrown by the best man for the groom, when it comes to Vegas, it can be combined with a bachelorette scavenger hunt. In the case of a co-ed party, these fun ideas are usually hatched upon by both the best man and the bridesmaid. Challenges on the checklist for the scavenger hunt are usually harmless and fun activities with little to medium extremities.

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