Beach Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair


Beach Wedding HairstylesIf you are having your wedding ceremony on a beach, you will need to think about beach wedding hairstyles. A beach wedding usually has a more casual tone. It’s hard for you and all of your female guests to wear high heels into the sand! However you do not have to sacrifice elegance, class or grace for practical clothing by the ocean. Many small details can come together to give your wedding the look and feel of a formal affair.

Beach wedding hairstyles range from a very casual, windswept look to formal wedding hair updos. The fun thing about beach wedding hairstyles is you choice of accessories. There are so many different shapes and colors of tropical flowers that your hair can hold ranging from a single large hibiscus to smaller sized orchids. You should also think about wedding hairstyles with headband options, as these will most likely be a breeze. You don’t want your updo to blow all over the place during your wedding vows! For more formal touches, wedding tiaras can also be used to hold hair firmly into place.

Don’t forget to look at beach wedding hairstyles when you are searching wedding hairstyles for bridesmaids. The “messy updo” is a perfect hairstyle for a beach wedding and can accommodate most hair lengths expect for very short hair. Extensions can be added to medium length hair as the hair is tousled into an updo and no one will be able to tell that some of the hair is not real. Each bridesmaid can have a different messy updo as well. One can have partially braided hairpieces in the do, another can have curls falling everywhere and another can have hair accessories placed into her messy updo. This style is also a very good choice for the bride in a beach wedding.

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