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Beach Wedding Suits For Men Hot Trends

By July 29, 2012September 13th, 2012No Comments

Beach Wedding Suits If you are having a beach wedding, be sure to not only be up on the latest trends for your wedding gown, but your groom’s suit as well. Beach wedding suits are different than traditional church ceremony and reception suits. Read on to learn about the hot new trends for wedding suits for men.

Mens wedding tuxedos for beach weddings are generally light in color and light in weight. White, beige, or cream colored linen suits with colored ties that complement the wedding party color are popularly worn by today’s grooms. The light fabric is easy and breezy to wear in warm temperatures as you wed by the sea.

A white tuxedo is a timeless look for grooms who exchange vows on the beach surf or turf. This white hot look is popular with many Hollywood grooms and celebrities as well. Leonardo Di Caprio, Johnny Depp, Justin Beiber, and Brad Pitt have sported the white tuxes, making them the perfect beach wedding suits.

Navy blue mens beach wedding attire for grooms is also a new and popular look. Mimicking the color of the sea, these dark blue suits are lighter than the classic black and white look and are appropriate for afternoon and early beach wedding ceremonies and reception venues.

Straw hats are trendy accessories that complement beach wedding suits. The majority of beach weddings are casual. The bride usually wears a colored or patterned short sundress or long maxi dress and the bridesmaids’ attire is similarly casual. Grooms who wear straw hats are cool, confident, and have a sense of style as they keep cool in hot temperatures.

Whimsical print ties are also a unique and trendy wedding day accessory that complements a variety of light weight, beach style wedding suits. Ties with tropical flowers, lobsters, and swirling designs that mimic the waves are beach chic and keep with a casual wedding day theme.

Abandoning a jacket and tie are also a common practice among grooms getting married on the beach. Light weight, light colored button down shirts tucked into linen or cotton pants is not only acceptable for weddings taking place on the beach, but look modern and stylish.

When tying the knot on the beach, there are a variety of trendy beach wedding suits and accessories to choose from to create the ultimate romantic and stylish beach wedding day look.

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