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Best Way To Propose in Vegas – 10 Romantic Ideas

By December 22, 2012No Comments

Best Way To ProposeAre you both wild and crazy? Do you love the lights, noise, and sights of Las Vegas? If so, you may want to think about the best way to propose in Sin City. Read on to learn about 10 romantic ideas to propose to the one that you love. Who knows? You may not want to have a lengthy engagement and may find a little white chapel of love!

1. One of the best proposal ideas is to call ahead to your hotel’s guest services and set up the bedroom to immediately propose on arrival. They can spread rose petals all over, draw a warm bath, have a bottle of champagne and strawberries, and even have a concierge available to serve the two of you a romantic dinner after popping the question.

2. If you are in need of proposal ideas for men who are very daring, adventurous, and the non-traditional type, propose before bungee jumping off one of Vegas’ tall building! Besides jumping to bungee, you will also have your partner jumping for joy!

3. Let some of your closest family members and friends in on your romantic proposal plans and invite them out to Vegas. You can set up a romantic dinner in a private room in a restaurant, pop the question, and surprise your partner with an impromptu engagement party. Some engagement party ideas could be to give each guest some gambling money as a thank you for flying out, have an entertainer join you in the private room with your guests so they can dance the night away, or you could all attend a comedy club to keep the laughs and good times rolling!

4. Slightly cliché but completely romantic, the best way to propose in Vegas is to purchase the finest bottle of champagne money can buy and have your server place an engagement ring in a champagne flute. Once the bottle is popped and poured, your partner is sure to see the shining engagement ring in the bottom of their glass!

5. Ride the famous roller coaster on top of New York, New York. As you are about to go down the huge hill and take in the sights of the city, ask your partner to marry you! It can be considered the best way to propose because you will get two different kinds of excitement rushes!

6. Go on a wine and chocolate tour in the city. Contact one of the candy stores prior to your visit. Have them set up a tray of chocolate covered strawberries and have them spelling out, “Will you marry me?” in chocolate drizzle across the plate!

7. Attend a famous magic show. Before you come to Vegas, be sure to contact the public relations consultant for the venue to ask them if the magician can pull your ring out from behind your partner’s ear and present it to them while you begin to propose!

8. Treat your partner like royalty! Preorder a luxurious outfit to be delivered to your hotel room prior to your arrival. As they change into their glamorous gift, give them a Pretty Woman moment by waiting with a little black box to open! How is this movie reenactment for the best way to propose in Vegas?

9. Take a tour of the city at night. While cruising in a limo, the both of you can stand through the sun roof, checking out the sights and sounds. Before your trip out, arrange to have a huge billboard ask for your partner’s hand in marriage. As you drive by, they are sure to spot the surprise in this best way to propose in Vegas!

10. If attending an Elvis impersonation show in Vegas, have the singer begin to perform a special song that asks for your partner’s hand in marriage! They will certainly be shocked and you will get lots of happy applause from the crowd.

Getting engaged in Vegas can not only be exciting, but romantic. Be sure to select the best way to propose to ensure a moment that you and your partner will never forget!

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