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Black And Red Bridesmaid Dresses – Mix And Match For Your Body Type!


Black And Red Bridesmaid DressesBlack and red bridesmaid dresses flatter a variety of body types. The three main body types that apply to your bridesmaids are ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph. According to Muscle and Strength, traits of an ectomorph include a delicate bone structure with a flat chest and lean muscle. Mesomorph traits include an athletic physique and a rectangular body shape from head to toe. Endomorph traits include a soft and round body. Each body type is different and has special needs when it comes to choosing a color, cut, and style of bridesmaid dress. Red dresses or black dresses can be worn as a single color, or teamed up to wear as mix and match bridesmaid dresses, creating the ultimate slimming look.

Wearing red and black bridesmaid dresses on an endomorph can create a smaller upper body. Finding and selecting a dress or selecting separate pieces that feature red on the top part of the dress, draws attention upward while a darker color on the bottom conceals and creates a slimming effect.

Black, when worn alone has the power to slim and create smooth silhouettes. But when black lace bridesmaid dresses are worn on a mesomorph, the texture of lace highlights defined muscles and dresses cut in mermaid silhouettes creates curves in areas lacking, since mesomorphs have a defined but toned body.

Black and red bridesmaid dresses also tend to be more matte toned, so they do not highlight lumps and bumps, which is important on any type of figure. Ectomorph body types can wear satin black or red dresses the best because of their thin frame and lean muscle throughout their body.

If you are in search of two tone bridesmaid dresses, be sure to choose one of the colors and pair it with a neutral tone for a visual cohesion. Color combinations like black and cream, black and silver, or red and ivory look complementary and contrasting, and flatter a variety of forms if worn correctly for their body type. If your heart is set on wearing black and red together, a black base packs the most slimming power and a pop of a red accent will give it an element of style and interest.

Before shopping for dresses with your bridesmaids, consider the slimming and shaping power of black and red bridesmaid dresses, worn alone or as a mix and max option for your wedding color scheme.

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