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Black And White Bridal Bouquets With Feathers Ideas

By January 16, 2013January 17th, 2013No Comments

White Bridal BouquetsNothing looks more posh and polished than black and white bridal bouquets with feathers for a chic and classy modern bridal ceremony! Read on to learn about some unique flower and feather combinations that will help you create a sleek and unique bouquets that will complement just about any white wedding or white bridesmaid dresses!

If you are on a budget and are thinking about some do it yourself wedding flowers that you can use in your bouquet, look to your own garden for inspiration ideas. If you have white hydrangea, add them to your bouquet. If you have tulips, consider spray painting them black with special flower spray that can be purchased at your local florist’s shop or craft store. Then, you can slip in a few sparkly white feathers for a fabulous and affordable bouquet. The only downfall of a making it yourself bouquet is you need to make it the day before or the day of your wedding, which can be stressful with all of the other things you need to take care of, unless you ask a creative friend or relative to do it for you. Many brides-to-be use artificial bridal bouquets arranged in a way that mimic the design or an authentic floral bouquet. You can scan through the craft store and purchase black and white flowers, as well as feathers, that catch your attention and arrange them to mock top designer bouquets with feathers for a fraction of the price.

When it comes to black and white wedding bouquets ideas, you may also wish to consider incorporating white orchids and white anemones with dark black centers to help you achieve black and white bridal bouquets. You can slip in a couple thin, black feathers though out the design and hold everything together with a smooth, leather piece to create a feminine edge. Even your bridesmaids will be excited to carry these bold bouquets that will complement a variety of bridesmaid dress colors, styles, and textures.

Autumn wedding flowers can also be used in black and white bridal bouquets. Consider spraying some seasonal mums black and opting for some white roses with crystals placed in the center. Add some lush layers of feathers to soften up the look and also add texture. You can even add some black berries into the mix to look hearty for fall.

If you are interested in creating black and white bridal bouquets with feathers, consider some of the ideas above to help you achieve a posh and polished wedding day accessory!

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