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Flower Girl Dresses

Black Flower Girl Dresses – Vintage Meets Avant Garde In Kids’ Fashion!

By August 7, 2012No Comments

Black Flower Girl DressesAre you in search of a dramatic yet sophisticated look for your wedding party? Black flower girl dresses will look especially avant garde when paired with vintage elements. If this look is what you desire on your wedding day, read on to discover how to mix vintage and avant garde elements in flower girls dresses and black junior bridesmaid dresses; and where you can purchase some of these bold but beautiful dresses for flower girls.

When it comes to avant garde black flower girl dresses with a vintage spin; it is all about the cut and silhouette of the dress. A relatively new trend, but old design; perplum dresses will punch a powerful wow factor as anyone in the wedding party strolls down the aisle in these black vintage dresses. The flirty skirt hemline creates structure, curves, and gives the dress instant volume and body. It can be featured in a number of ways on black flower girl dresses.

A flower girl can simply wear it as one piece, where the perplum style elements flare out at the hip and the skirt of the dress finished straight through with a slight flare, similar to an A-line hemline. Or if black and white flower girl dresses will complement your wedding party color scheme; a flower girl can wear a white lace bodice and a black perplum skirt with tulle; creating an instant vintage look by wearing two pieces in different materials.

You can also have flower girls wear black dresses in a mermaid style cut. Incredibly cute and chic, the silhouette of the black dress will look avant garde and when worn in lace, with or without sleeves; vintage elements are applied.

You can find these daring dresses at a variety of retailers. Since the dress’ style and color are so unusual; shopping at the usual vendors may not be your best bet since they stock traditional flower girl and bridesmaid dresses. Think outside of the box, even considering purchasing a couture piece so you can get exactly the look and fit you are searching for. Etsy is an online store that features artists and designers’ handmade pieces. There are a number of vendors on this site that allows you to custom design and order dresses for weddings.

If you want to mix avant garde and vintage elements with black flower girl dresses, think outside of the box and go for a bold and daring design or silhouette.

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