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Black Junior Bridesmaid Dresses – Tricks To Avoid Vampire Child Look!


Black Junior Bridesmaid DressesBlack junior bridesmaid dresses can look sleek and chic for the young lady, but it can also make her look like she’s wearing a Halloween or vampire costume! If choosing black as a color to be worn on a junior bridesmaid dress, be sure to avoid certain accent colors and incorporate pops of youthful colors or accents to pull off an elegant look for the little lady.

The lighter the fabric, the better. Junior bridesmaid dresses chiffon are a much more suitable choice for a young bridesmaid because it takes a step away from witch-like heavy fabrics seen on Halloween capes and costumes-like velvet or a jersey cotton. Chiffon has a light and airy feel to it, subtle sheen and shine, and a complementary woven texture, making it light and elegant. The same rules apply for black flower girl dresses.

Junior bridesmaids are beginning to grow and develop into their bodies, so styles, cuts, necklines, hemlines, and silhouettes need to be taken into consideration to ensure an appropriate look for jr bridesmaid dresses. You want the young ladies to feel confident and beautiful in the gowns, so high necklines, sleeves, tea length hemlines, and anything with thick straps will allow them to look their age and feel confident and comfortable. A-line styles, empire waists, sheath dresses, and even bubble hemlines will create a youthful, flattering, and pretty appearance.

One accent color to avoid is orange-especially near the fall months. Orange flowers, although very beautiful and colorful create the look of a Halloween party. Choosing a more neutral tone like white, ivory, or even red is a more fitting and sophisticated choice for flowers when paired upon black.

Heavy accessories, like an oversized black statement necklace or chunky and sparkly jewelry can age the junior bridesmaid and fall into the category of a vampire appearance when worn with black junior bridesmaid dresses. Opt for small silver accessories on the neck or wrist, and simple diamond studs or a pair of delicate chandelier earrings that will look complementary on young ladies.

Also, adding a fresh rose to the hair or a playful peacock feather headband plays up the black junior bridesmaid dresses but adds some style and youthful personality to complement the formal wear.

Pearl accessories also add an element of style and modestly when worn on the body, in the hair, strewn throughout a bouquet, or embellished on a clutch or wristlet.

Black junior bridesmaid dresses have the capability of looking posh and polished, but only when accented correctly and worn in a light and airy fabric.

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