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Black Tie Optional Wedding Attire For Men Guide

By December 17, 2012No Comments

Black Tie Optional WeddingA black tie optional wedding means that there is going to be a serious mixture of formal tuxedos and semi-casual attire worn by male guests. What should you wear to this kind of wedding and how can you be sure you aren’t too underdressed? Read on to learn about a few rules to follow when it comes to the best mens suits for a black tie optional affair.

When shopping for a tux or suit to rent or purchase for a black tie optional wedding, consider suit and tux styles for men. A double breasted suit or tux is the most popular, classic, and dapper style of suit for men to wear. You can never go wrong with a double breasted style. Sometimes a single breasted suit appears too casual, especially when most guests attending the same ceremony will be dressed in black tie attire.

When in doubt, wear a tuxedo shirt with a casual styled suit for men. It has a combined look of formal and casual, which is how you wish to appear if you are not going all out and wearing black tie attire. Be sure to wear a white tuxedo shirt. This will appear more formal. Colored shirts are always more casual and are on the modern and trendy side, which results in a less than classic and formal appearance. When it doubt, keep it simple. Simple tends to look refined, regal, and classic; even when wearing a suit and not a full tux.

Choose wedding ties that have some kind of black print on them. Checks, stripes, polka dots, or even paisley print will liven up the look for a formal suit for men while remaining within formal parameters. Again, a solid color or wild print on a tie may appear gaudy, tacky, or too loud and casual when others are dressed in black tie attire.

Keep shoes shiny, black, and simple! Never wear colored shoes to a black tie optional wedding since most male guests will conform to tradition and wear muted, solid toned shoes. Plain black shoes are always more appropriate no matter what kind of bridal ceremony you are attending.

A black tie optional wedding may be tricky to find proper attire for. The key is to blend in, not stand out! Follow a few of the tips above to ensure a successful look for your friend or family member’s special day.

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