Blue Bridesmaid Dresses With Flowers – 5 Accent Colors To Avoid!


Blue bridesmaid dresses can be bold, elegant, and chic; and depending on their tone, can be worn during any season for a wedding. When pairing flowers with bridesmaid dresses by color, there are some floral accent colors to avoid. View the color wheel to help you choose colors that will complement your blue bridesmaid dresses. The basic rule of selecting complementary colors, according to the color wheel, is that the colors of choice should be directly opposite of each other on the wheel. Colors like red and green (despite being associated with Christmas) or blue and yellow (and their variations) would be examples of complementary colors. According to Color Matters, a website that describes this theory, the opposing colors create maximum contrast and maximum stability. However, some brides are not aware of this theory and choose the wrong flower colors, doing their beautiful blue bridesmaid dresses a total injustice. Here are the five accent colors to avoid:

1. Green. Green is actually directly next to blue on the color wheel and will not complement your bridal party’s blue dresses, unless you are planning to do a peacock theme, where subtle splashes of green are present, rather than acting as the main focus accessory, like the bouquet. Opt to add a peacock feather into a white or blue bridal flower hair accessory like a barrette or headband, and the tones of the hair accessory will pull from the blue dress and green accented flowers.

2. Red. Again, red is not across from blue on the color wheel, so it will not provide maximum complementary contrast. Not to mention the light blue bridesmaid dresses, your white wedding dress, and a bouquet of red flowers will resemble the national flag!

3. Orange. This Creamsicle color will clash with most blue tones-especially aqua bridesmaid dresses. While aqua is a hot blue color for summer, as is orange; together they do not mix and do not provide an aesthetic appeal.

4. Purple. Purple is directly next to blue on the color wheel. This means purple flowers will blend in with the blue bridesmaid dresses, rather than accent it. The same idea can be applied to blue dresses with blue flowers. Unless the blue tones are drastically different in hue, you will end up with a single solitary (and slightly boring) look.

5. Bright pink. Again, bright neon colors are electrifyingly hot this season, but they will not look hot paired with any blue tone. Both tones are cool. This means they have blue undertones. When you have two cool colors next to each other, you will not achieve a contrasted, accented look. Instead, opt to choose a peachy pink color flower if your heart is set on pairing it with your blue bridesmaid dresses. There are warm undertones in peachy pink, so you have a better chance of accenting your dress selection with your flower selection.

When in doubt, white and creamy colored flowers are a neutral choice that can complement any tone of blue you choose. Look to the color wheel for flower colorinspiration to accent and showcase your beautiful blue bridal party dress selection.

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