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Blue Flowers For Weddings Review

By July 10, 2011July 4th, 2019No Comments

Blue Flowers For WeddingsBlue flowers for weddings add a touch of elegance and timeless beauty to any wedding celebration. Blue flowers for weddings come in a plethora of shades like baby blue, aquamarine, navy blue and dark indigo. White bridal bouquets look especially stunning if they are offset by accent blue flowers making a royal worthy statement.

Depending on the style or the theme of your main wedding décor, blue flowers for weddings can take the center stage or simply complement other wedding flowers. Blue flowers look especially breathtaking when paired with cream or peach colored roses. When combined with white or pink flowers, blue flowers for wedding create an aura of romance and elegance.

Blue colored wedding flowers are especially common for winter weddings. When looking for blue wedding bouquets ideas, look no further than regal irises that come in so many different colors. Hydrangea, sea holly, hyacinths, and delphiniums are all examples of blue flowers for weddings that could be used alone or combined with other flowers.

If the steep costs of hiring a professional florist are not part of your budget, consider do it yourself wedding flowers. Perhaps you have an aunt or friend who grows her own garden flowers that could be incorporated as part of your wedding table décor to help save even more money. Enlist a few bridesmaids to help you create simple and unique wedding table arrangements. Avoid anything too dramatic because by doing it yourself you have more chances to fail with complex table centerpieces. Create simple yet elegant wedding flower centerpieces by picking focal flowers, adding several line flowers to create height and width and finish off with less expensive filler flowers.

If you are thinking of celebrating your marriage in the fall, learn more about autumn wedding flowers by reading one of our other articles.

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