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Boys Charcoal Grey Suit – Shirt And Tie Combinations For Wedding

By December 12, 2012No Comments

Charcoal Grey SuitIf your son is participating in a wedding for a close friend or family member, be sure he looks his best! If he is wearing a charcoal grey suit, there are a number of boys shirt and tie combinations that will look attractive, ceremonial, and pulled together for a semi-formal or black tie optional wedding.

One shirt and tie combination to try for a boys grey suit is white and baby blue. Baby blue enhances a charcoal grey suit because they have similar undertones. It will also complement the groom’s tux and wedding party’s tuxedos if they are wearing identical colors or neutral tones like black, stone gray, and even an ivory or beige shirt or tie. Baby blue is also very subtle neutral tone, so it will accent, not overpower.

Another winning color combination when it comes to kids tuxedos, is pairing a dark grey suit with a cream colored button up shirt and a pale yellow vest, tie, or bowtie. Perfect for spring weddings, the dark and light contrast looks complementary on groomsmen of all ages!

A charcoal grey suit will also look appropriate when paired with a white shirt and lime green tie. If wearing this warm and inviting color combination, be sure to keep tuxedo shirt styles simple, allowing all of the focus to be put on the bright tie accent. A grey and lime green color combination is wildly appropriate for outdoor summer weddings on a beach or for a destination wedding in a hot, tropical environment.

You may also wish to try dark grey with a rosy pink shirt and tie. The shirt and tie will create a unified monochromatic effect when offset with a charcoal grey tux or suit. These two colors are ideal for vintage inspired weddings. They two tones will also work if bridesmaids are wearing a similar pink hue.

Finally, be sure to try boys charcoal grey, beige, and mint green. A beige shirt will serves as a neutral canvas for a pastel tie, while the deepness of the grey will frame the figure and pull the two light tones together. Perfect for spring and summer weddings, the three colors look fresh, airy, and inviting; much like the season of spring.

A charcoal grey suit has many winning color combinations for boys and young men to wear if taking part in a friend or family member’s wedding.

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