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Bridal Crowns And Tiaras – Which Styles Of Veils To Avoid?

By December 18, 2012No Comments

Bridal CrownsMany brides to be want to live out their dream image they have had in their mind of their wedding day look since they were very little girls-a sparkly bridal crown, a beautiful veil, and a poufy princess-like gown. Before you try to recreate your dream image, take your bridal veil into closer consideration. Certain types of veils complement bridal crowns and tiaras while others do not. Read on to learn how to wear and pair bridal crowns and tiaras with dream bridal veils.

If you must have a birdcage veil, consider a sparkly headband instead of tiaras or crowns. The sparkles will lie flat on your head while the short, netted and flirty veil will skim your cheekbones, keeping the focal point on your face. Bridal crowns or tiaras that sit high on your head will take the emphasis off of your veil and they do not look complementary when worn together.

When paired with a bridal crown or tiara, a fingertip veil will create more like a homecoming queen, rather than a blushing bride look. Avoid these short veils and opt for cathedral length veils that make as much of dramatic statements that crowns and tiaras make as you walk down the aisle.

Avoid long veils that are embellished with scalloped edges, beading, sequins, pearls, or lace. These notice me now embellishment clash with bridal crowns and tiaras, resulting in an over the top look, that confuses the eye due to the overabundance of focal points. Mantilla or Spanish style veils are known for their face framing edges and lace features. It’s best to choose a long veil that is very sheer and very plain, putting all the attention on the sparkling crown.

Do not pair a bridal fascinator with a veil attached in addition to a crown or tiara. The only sparkling, floral, or feather embellishment should be the crown or tiara. Any other sparkles take away from the featured headpiece and look awkward when worn underneath a veil.

Wearing a bridal crown or tiara is every little girl’s dream. This dream can quickly turn into a nightmare when paired with the wrong veil. Be sure to avoid some of the veil lengths and styles listed above to ensure a beautiful bridal look.

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