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Bridal Fascinators With Veil – Hairstyle Do’s And Don’ts!

By December 11, 2012No Comments

Bridal Fascinators With VeilBridal fascinators with veil look vintage chic. Once you choose to utilize this short and sassy veil, you need to consider hairstyle do’s and don’ts for long and short hair.


1. Make your wedding veil your facial focal point. Show off your fascinator veil by wearing your hair in a deep side part and pulled into a low bun or modern French twist.

2. When it comes to wedding hair with veil, use the bridal fascinators to pull some hair off of your face and clip it off to the side, allow your short netted veil to show and your hair to be worn down and naturally.

3. If your hairstyle choice is wedding updos for medium length hair, consider wearing tousled tresses pulled up into a loose bun. Bridal fascinators with veil can be clipped to the side of your scalp and will let the little veil show.

4. Go easy on the hairspray! When spraying to hold your hairstyle once the fascinator and veil are clipped in, you risk creating a sticky, visible coating.

5. Use hair mousse and gel sparingly so your hair do is soft and manageable-not stiff and solid.


1. Wear a very complex hairstyle full or curls, crimps, or braids that will take attention away from bridal fascinators with veil. Keep your hair simple and chic allowing the veil to steal the show.

2. Wear your hair down and straight because your hair will cover your fascinator and veil.

3. Clip in any other hair accessories like barrettes or headbands in addition to the bridal fascinators with veil.

4. Allow your bangs to hang in your eyes. The fascinator and veil will draw attention to the top portion of your face, so keep your bangs trimmed and tame a few days prior to your bridal ceremony.

5. Let your roots show through if you highlight or dye your hair. The fascinator will be clipped near the top portion of your head, and roots and grays will look unsightly up close and in photographs.

By following these simple hairdo do’s and don’ts you can be sure bridal fascinators with veil will look amazing with the hairstyle you choose to wear on your wedding day.

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